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niteyOne of the Most coveted awards show, the Nitey Awards, took place last night in San Francisco. The San Francisco Nightlife Awards, aka The Niteys, which celebrates excellence in creative content and patron experience in the Nightlife Industry. Amongst the many categories  is MOST NOTABLE DRAG QUEEN, from  the many talented and well-known female illusionist that nominated for this award the  winner was  the very talented, world-renowned, top of pops artist  BeBe SWEETBRAIR!!!

Have a look around BeBe’s website  from music to her worldwide performances to her PODCAST  you will see why she is without any doubt THE MOST NOTABLE DRAG QUEEN

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Just how it is PURE for Men/Women!



This is somewhat  NSFW-ish   ITS BLUNT  and to the point, but then sometimes you have to be.  PURE FOR MEN   the little pill  that helps keep you ready when you want some BUM FUN!   For guys who are gay, bi, straight or trans, it really helps keep things clear for whatever you are into.. cocks, dildos, pegging and fisting.  There is now one for the ladies too,  PURE FOR HER for when women want a little backdoor fun, so ladies if your man is a ASS MAN   this is great.

The bonus to PURE  whether it be for men or women is that added fiber to your diet, this special combo of ~Chia, Flaxseed and Psyllium Husk  not only keeps things moving along but can help you loose and maintain weight. Fiber is so important to ones diet and the majority of people do not get enough  PURE FOR MEN  and PURE FOR HER  solves that problem.

2-3 pills  2 times a day.. it’s so easy peasy, take it in the morning with your coffee/tea or breaky (breakfast for the Americans LOL)  then after dinner.  Couldn’t be easier to keep you ready for when it matters most. Your “runway” will be clear for landing,  it really is a #BottmsBFF  Nothing else out there helps you #STAYREADY like PURE. Sure there is douching but that is such a pain in the arse, hooking up the hose, getting the water to the right temp, then it is a 2-3 time repeat to make sure nothing will come as an awkward surprise when you are in the middle of diddling.  With PURE all you have to do is take a quick shower for some extra cleaning back there, but that’s not really necessary if things are going to go down  quickly.  You won’t have to worry about being that “brownie queen”  you can just enjoy the moment without worry

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Sure PUR FOR MEN  and PURE FOR WOMEN is a serious producut that works rather well and some people could consider it embarassing to talk about. BUT  that problem has been solved, just tick the link for some fun CHEEKY  video that tackle the issue.  You will have a bit of a laugh but walk away enlightend about how it works,

 So BOTTOMS UP!!!   Find more on the  OFFICIAL WEBSITE    FOLLOW PURE  on Twitter  @Pureformen    Also look and follow on INSTAGRAM   post and # your Photos with your bottle of PURE  #PUREbottom #beReady

Local Uni (OSU) does piece on me!

the only thing they got wrong was the inspiration behind Jelly Donut Time …. its the Character Hollywood from the movie  MANNEQUIN who heard Jelly Donuts call his name.. .”it’s those damn jelly donuts… eat me  come and eat me Hollywood!”

The faces behind the Buckeye Donuts Twitter account

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“It’s jelly donut time.”

It’s a phrase that has been tweeted in some form from the Buckeye Donuts Twitter account six times in the past two weeks, and one that many of the more than 2,000 followers of the account would know well. It’s the brainchild of Al Geiner of Al Geiner PR and Creative Concepts.

“I’ve always loved jelly doughnuts,” Geiner said. “They’ve been my favorite thing.”

Geiner got the idea for the phrase from the movie “Hollywood,” in which the main character talks about how jelly doughnuts call to him and as a result ruin his diet.

“‘Jelly donut time’ is (Geiner’s) creation. At first I’m like ‘Oh that’s so hokey, come on,’” said Buckeye Donuts owner Jimmy Barouxis. “But people kind of get a kick out of it.”

Barouxis said he often gets customers coming into the store, located at 1998 N. High St., who ask about who runs the account.

Geiner discovered Buckeye Donuts about eight years ago and quickly befriended Barouxis. Having decades of experience in PR, he soon asked if he could help promote the store. Geiner started the store’s official Twitter account in 2013, and soon after, Barouxis wanted to get in on the fun.

“I kind of jumped in myself because it looked like he was having a lot of fun with it,” Barouxis said.

Geiner never studied public relations in an academic setting. Rather, he first encountered the field when he was in high school in the 1980s and made fanzines to promote new-wave bands, cutting and pasting using a typewriter and Xerox machine.

In the 1990s, he became a talent scout for a British record label after meeting a PR specialist on a plane to England. Geiner’s grandmother is Welsh, and he said that is why he likes to occasionally use British phrases and spellings in his tweets for Buckeye Donuts.

Jelly donut time all your mates are doing it why not u???

He learned the ropes in public relations with the label and started his own firm in the early 2000s. He said he’s worked with comedians, bands, gay clubs, actors and fashion designers over the years.

Today, he manages public relations locally for Barry’s Bagels in Dublin, Ohio, but also has clients in cities such as Los Angeles, New York City and London.

Instead of planning his tweets ahead of time, Geiner prefers a more spontaneous approach.

“Ideas have always just popped into my head, like ‘Oh this sounds good, or let’s have a little cheeky fun with this.’ I’m a not even near-the-box kind of person,” he said. “I also pay attention to the hashtag trends that are going on.”

Barouxis follows a similar philosophy.

“I can’t pre-plan my tweets, I’ve tried to do that — it doesn’t work,” he said. “A good tweet is just one of those things, you have to catch it at the right moment and tweet it right away. You can’t think about it. If it hits you, just tweet it. Who cares if it’s good or bad? People are either going to like it, or they’re not going to respond to it. There’s really very little risk.”

In his time in the public-relations field, Geiner has seen the rise of social media as a medium for promotion. He said he communicates mostly online with clients — some of them he hasn’t spoken with over the phone. It’s a lot different and easier to connect with people from when he first started in the industry, he said.

“This was still before the internet, using my typewriter, fax machine, rolodex, going to the post office every other day and mailing stacks of pitches to editors,” Geiner said.

Barouxis said the main purpose of the Buckeye Donuts Twitter account is for fun and to connect with customers.

“It doesn’t always have to make sense,” he said. “Sometimes the tweets don’t make sense or the grammar is wrong. But who cares? It’s Twitter. You can’t take it too seriously.”

PRIDE 17 Entertainment

Need Entertainment for PRIDE ?  From the MAINSTAGE  to Club  to Bath House  to the Pool Party check out these TOP  GLBT  and GLBT supportive Entertainers.  Top Of the Pops recording artist, comedians, actors and  XX  stars!

For each entertainer  please contact via their website for booking or send enquiry to

Bebe  SweetBrair…  world renowned Pop Star  ..Female Impersonator


Julian Michael… Comedian, actor, presenter

LeeAnne Tooker….. comedian , actress

and the Lesbains will go crazy for Sally Mullins… yeas #Couger

Homo Honey … the true Fag Hag Herself

Rebekah Kochan

along with DANTE  THE COMIC   AND  Ron Jeremy   …


The Podcast  has totally replaced the chat show from radio, sure there still is Howard Stern and a few others  .. more in Europe than in the USA,  but for the most part the main ones just talk about major celebs and whats on with them, along with big events and happenings. To hear whats happening with everyday events, more cheeky comedy, upcoming pop stars  and those making a comeback…along with a slew of topics for sci fi, a plethora of movies  and the like  PODCASTS  are the GO TO source for great entertainment whenever you want it!

Be one of the #PODPEOPLE

Tick to hear the whats on with Bebe SWEETBRIAR  and from Julian Michael

Check out these  BRILLIANT  Podcast]





Pure for Men keeps you clean when it matters most. Pure for Men keeps your runway clear for landing. It really is a #BottomsBFF  It helps you #STAYREADY

~Chia, Flaxseed and Psyllium Husk,  this combo will get things moving and cleaned out so you NEVER have an AWKWARD MOMENT.  All that FIBRE will also help you keep FIT, added in FIBER is great for your BODY

Check out some of our Cheeky Fun Videos

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Hailing Frequencies Open~

27 years of breaking records and keeping the Universe Dancing!   Ronnie Matthews  aka  DJ Captain Kirk sitting in the Captains Chair of STAR FLEET MUSIC RECORD POOL!

With over 40 years in  the music biz 27 of that has been at the helm of STAR FLEET MUSIC RECORD POOL.  200 thousand DJs from around the Globe are registered with the world’s most prestigious record pool.

It all began  with the job of Record Store buyer, evolving into Spinning Vinyl at the clubs under the name DJ Captain Kirk to founding STARFLEET MUSIC record pool, both names he received the blessings on from Gene Roddenberry’s son. Best put by Ronnie himself “Well, I’m an old Trekkie. I saw the original Star Trek back in the 60’s & I always wanted to be Captain Kirk. Throughout my early DJing career I had not given a thought to having a DJ name/handle, so when one of the radio stations, WCKZ Kiss-102, asked to do their mix shows, the PD asked what my DJ name was, “DING”, the light went off in my head & DJ Captain Kirk was born. I’ve had a ton of fun with that name, plus it helped spawn my company name as well, Starfleet Music Pool. I have all sorts of items given to me from companies associated with Paramount/Universal, even have a drop by Gene Roddenberry’s son, Rod Roddenberry, who is in charge of the franchise now, saying thanks to Starfleet Music Pool DJs. You’ve gotta love it.”

He is MR  DANCE MUSIC!  Ronnie has been successful at making people dance to music they have never heard before, helping to shape the dance scene for over 40 years by getting the newest and latest into the hands that spin it. Ronnie was the one that created and coined the “crossover” music genre; being the first to send the Urban sound to Dance Club DJ’s.  From the Days of Vinyl to being the first in the Pools to send the new Digital Music Format MP3 out to his DJ’s, Ronnie Matthews is the Dance Scene Music Trailblazer.  Ronnie has met and worked with some of the biggest names in the music biz from Sylvester,  Michael Jackson, P Diddy, Taylor Dane, The Village People, Kristine W , Vanilla Ice and Cece Penniston just to name a few and  he continues to do so and has a story to go along with all of them. Ronnie is well respected amongst the other record pools, Record Label A&R Reps and recording artist alike.

If you are an Recording Artist  STARFLEET MUSIC is the PLACE you need to be so your music will be in the hands of DJs worldwide.

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Any press enquires can be sent to AL GEINER PR CREATIVE CONCEPTS 614.288.1660







See great stand up in LA! Funniest Comic In LA Contest semi finals tonight at Sals 7356 Melrose LA CA 90046 8-10pm. $10 cover. No min. 18 & up

This Thursday Feb 9
See the finals of the FUNNIEST COMIC IN LA CONTEST this Thursday Feb 9 at the Ice House in Pasadena @icehousecomedy

Dante Rusciolelli Dante Comedian Dante Starr Dante Rusciolelli Dante Rusciolelli Rebekah Kochan RebekahKochan TheComic Melissa Greenberg

Tito Ortiz~ MMA Legend

The first encounter between the pair occurred in 1998 when they went head-to-head in an amateur wrestling match. Sonnen was aware of Ortiz well before then, though, because by that point Ortiz had already made one UFC appearance and was ready to pursue a path in combat sports.

It was a bittersweet for Tito as he avenged his lost to Chael Sonnen 19 years ago and at the same time saying goodbye to his beloved sport.



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