Retro Flavoured Alt POP/ROCK



The Impersonators have done it again with their new song Sad Cafe, Tommi and Janne put forth a melodious union of Alternative POP and Vintage Rock that gives the grace of POP songs from the 70’s and 80’s.  Hailing from Finland The Impersonators are on the way to becoming the biggest band ever to come out of Finland!

Sad Café” is an up-yours pop/rock song directed at all the selfish and narcissistic people of this planet. Written by Tikka and Autio with a little help from Tommi’s wife Elina Suominen, its purpose is to remind everyone who’s in a bad relationship to get out while they still have the energy, resolve and self-confidence to do it. People do not change. A selfish person will remain selfish; a narcissistic individual will remain narcissistic. These are personality types that are not only mean and inconsiderate, they are better at taking than they are at giving. As a result, they traumatise others – sometimes for life without truly ever having to face any consequences for their actions.

Produced by Janne Saksa and Tommi Tikka, “Sad Café” is by far The Impersonators’ funkiest cut that celebrates the rhythmic and guitar-driven rock of the late seventies. It features all the familiar trademarks of the group: poignant lyrics, emotive music and multi-layered vocal harmonies.

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