the PUNK revival

We need a Revival….  PUNK is back…. with Sarah Sunday. Not since they days of the late 70s and early 80s when the scene was dominated by strong female lead PUNK like Siouxsie Sioux and Debbie Harry has there been such intense PUNK music until now. The Retro Vibe is alive .. we crave for the sound  …  Sarah Sunday gives it  to you…



Leaping from the success of Her 1st single “Come and Find Me”  

SARAH SUNDAY returns with her 2nd and latest single, The Anthenish………!  



The sound and style of PUNK Rock/NEW Wave that ruled the airwaves in the 80’s joins this Retro Vibe Revival with the vocal prowess of SARAH SUNDAY!   Inspired by a plethora of iconic female vocalist from Avril Lavigne to  Debbie Harry,  SARAH SUNDAY exudes that Punk Rock Sound.   A totally colourful character from her make up, to sense of fashion choices,  SARAH SUNDAY  is the 80’s female Punk Rock part, she’s a total fashionista~ ! Her Latest Single MENTAL ZOO – offers a playful edge with brilliant vocal hooks, pulsating downbeats and tempo flows with that Punk Rock/New Wave core, rounding out perfectly.

This breakout Song is Slated for the TOP OF THE POPS!   Look for her new single on all Streaming Services: DJ’s contact: STARFLEET MUSIC RECORD POOL

Make sure and watch her music video #VideoKilledtheRadioStarAGAI


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Hip Hop Don’t Stop!

The unique styling of a Latino Canadian Rapper Hip HOP Artist GOTCHI falls somewhere in between brilliant vibes of old-school rap, melded with the edgy melodies of modern hip-hop. GOTCHI gives a unique sound, that combines fantastic lyrics with fantastic sonic ideas, making for a truly special approach. Powerful and seductive his playful ecletive edge erupts into a sui generis Latino infused hip hop unique Candian sound that is refreshing to the music scene when so much has gone mainstream corporate sound.

pro shot


I.n 2018, GOTCHI bursted through the music scene with a smashing single, “Headlights.” The track was featured on his debut album, which actually went viral, giving him a massive boost in terms of follower. He is ready to top the success with his second album, aptly titled “Vo.2,” which will be released in 2019. What makes GOTCHI stand out is that he’s truly passionate about his music. Some artists want to “make it big”, but others have much deeper goals. They want to reach out and truly express something unique. This is why he proudly reps Toronto in the international hip-hop scene!
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inspiration to headlights :

This Song is called “Headlights” by Gotchi  (PROD. BY RIKELUXX), it a fusion of a melodic rap song with raw lyrics, the song is meant to reflect with the listener and show compassion, brotherhood and loyalty are important. Knowing and accepting there are things you cannot change, It is telling a story of struggle and perseverance, we cannot see the light unless the dark is present. The meaning behind  the phrase in the song “Coming Like Headlights” and the title refers to the same idea of the light in the darkness and coming out of nowhere surprisingly like a set of headlights ready to go. It has a rockstar smooth vibe, it is conscious, thought provoking, and creates an urge to motivate yourself and stay uplifted no matter what the circumstances may be, its always ok to take time to yourself and reflect.  

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“Freeman has it going on! … a confection of musical elegance, exuding the palpable sentimental energy of adoration and love, the kind of love that’s impervious to reason” (Huffington Post)

“BBC Featured Artist of the Week” (BBC London, 2018)

Listen to the song 

London-based singer/songwriter, Charlie Freeman, better known as FREEMAN, announces his new single, “London Nights” ahead of his sophomore album, Love, due out this summer.

The new album recalls themes of the 60s and 70s free love movement and encapsulates the bittersweet nature of romance and heartbreak. “London Nights” was written during a writing session with Freeman’s Producer and band mate Jamie Brown – it merges nostalgia with the present, marrying retro vibes with modern edges.  “Whether he’s channeling Jagger, Dylan, Petty, Bowie, or whoever; he’s doing it damn well.” (Alternative Addiction)  The lyrics follow the narrative of feeling isolated and alone in a city filled with people, until the perfect person comes around to help ease the pain.

Freeman says “The opening riff for London Nights flew in from the ether and for weeks after we couldn’t stop singing it. Soon after that riff had arrived, Jamie had jumped on the stand-up piano in his living room and I was throwing out a verse idea which immediately stuck.  Lyrically, I wanted to capture the irony of the big city, a metropolis literally packed full of people, that can nevertheless remain one of loneliest places in the world. Meeting someone special in amongst the madness and the crowds can be tough. We’re all looking for that special connection. This song is about loneliness being replaced by joy; about a bad, mad world becoming much more forgiving upon making a special connection. A true friend. A true love. A song about overcoming fear and letting in the love.”


In 2018,  FREEMAN released his debut album Truth, which was recorded live at vintage studio Eastcote using a tape and analogue set up, adding to FREEMAN’s authentically classic sound. The first five singles from Truth have all picked up BBC radio play, including a live session at BBC London and “BBC featured artist of the week.”
After generating 50K Spotify listeners in April and the last Spotify release “Watchtower” receiving 55k  in two months, the previous album release is currently receiving 10k listeners per week.





About Charlie Freeman:

FREEMAN’s creative work doesn’t stop at music, as his acting career began in mid-2017 and includes a starring role in QIYI (Chinese Netflix) film, Chinatown Cannon, as well as lead roles in short films Defector and A Friend in Need. Two of his songs were included in Chinatown Cannon; the success of the film has led to a 60-day tour of China scheduled for March 2019, via one of China’s leading tour promoters, Magic Sounds. FREEMAN’S international endeavors also include offers for tours in Brazil, Cuba (where he lived as a teenager), potentially acting as a support band on an extensive tour of Germany, and an interest in touring the U.S.

FREEMAN continues to craft  “heartfelt, charming…tracks that are warm, cozy and sweet with some swagger and fun thrown in to keep you singing along and bopping between the emotional tears.” (Indie Buddie) Stay tuned for more from FREEMAN, leading  up to LOVE’s release and more exciting announcements throughout 2019 and beyond.

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Everybody Rock N Roll… Acclaimed singer/songwriter, one-man band Acoustic Guitarist AC (E) G t


Everybody Rock N Roll… Acclaimed singer/songwriter, oneman band Acoustic Guitarist AC (E) G takes you back to the roots of bluesy Chuck Berry Inspired rock n roll with a vibe of 70’s Stones ACDC flavour. The sounds he is able to get out of the stringed wooden instrument has resulted in a new style of rock n roll that AC(E)G has coined “REPLUGGED” it’s adding the electric guitar sound treatment to the acoustic guitar. 

 Some insights to the unique acoustic rock he creates: 

 Most of the one– man Bands are using loop stations nowadays. Of course AC(E) G tried to work with that too, but he felt like this tool was limiting him; Live, the entire sound is created without using drum samples, while on recordings he does triggering to add snare and/or bass drum sounds. But they are always layered, and just add up to the ‘drum’ sound. His first two releases (One and Dreaming-EP) are unplugged, over the past year, he has written some jazz tunes also that will give a totally different unplugged vibe than his current acoustic rock. A plethora of genres from this artist all with the acoustic gutiar. 

Wuff can best be explained in his own words about the current songs. 

Black Magic 

As i had the idea for the main riff, a Pal of mine visited me and told me that his Ex was accusing him of using Black Magic to ruin his life (seriously). So this story became the song, and the lyrics reflect what he’d told that day. The Video was done by him as i thought it might help him to handle the issue. At least it helped a little.


Everybody sometimes questions the way he’d chosen. I wrote the song after doing a gig series around here in Austria and faced the fact that most people don’t want to hear original music, but the songs they’re used to listen to when out for a drink. (a quote i heard several times in different shapes: ‘play something i know, not songs i have never heard’). While working for about 60hrs / week in my day job (at that time) plus doing music it really got me exhausted and the question ‘is there still the desire in me for what i am doing?’ came up.
In some way the song is the answer to that question, at least it’s to me. 

There are two versions of the song. The unplugged from the Album One, and the replugged version that is only available with the replugged Singles CD. It’s about the feeling of leaving home, and not being sure when to come back. It’s named Tuesday simply because it was mostly Tuesdays when i had to leave for a Tour or Trip.


Is about a relationship that really got me messed up. It’s simply about the point when i realized that we were hanging on to something that wasn’t there anymore. The real tough part about this story is that she died less than year later by cancer (it wasn’t diagnosed at the time we were together). So it went from our Goodbye to that final Goodbye. I guess i still haven’t figured out all the details on how i feel about that. 

Just Survivors 

Sometimes you work your ass of ’cause you believe in a thing, only to realize that people weren’t pulling the same strings. In the end the entire thing collapses, and only the lessons learned are left. You have to leave behind what happend, to go on, ‘caus it’s easier to travel with a light package 


Hear his music via the links  .. take your pick.. 



AC(E)G is the one man band composed of Wolfgang “ Wuff” Leitner was born in  Austria – Styria (about 40 miles from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s birth place) he started studying Jazz Guitar in Vienna, and working in Media business in 1998. After four years Wulf got to a point where he had to choose between having the time to study or making the money to support living. As studying without money is not really viable, the choice was an easy one. So he dropped out before getting my Master of Arts. On music / media business he stopped  in 2008 (was related to collapses happening in the business and overall, and grew tired of suing his money in) and switched to Software Development  and IT by the following year. Since that time my life has changed in various ways, but mostly by having a family. For a while that time he took a break from music, but of course played for fun. Back in 2013 a friend asked him to help out in a cover Band, and stayed with them for two years. That was the moment when the spark came to life again, and made Wolf   wanting to do music in a more serious way again. It was in late 2014 when he encountered the acoustic guitar, and the idea for AcG began to take shape..  Fun fact about the name: when driving around with a Pal and pondering about what a cool name could be,he came up with AC’s are cool (referring to the car’s AC, as it was a really hot day). As AC are the first letters to acoustic, it built the basis to the name (‘Ac’oustic ‘G’uitar).  Later on, when songs got played on Radio  hewas introduced as A.C.G. or Ace G. Of  course he liked the Ace thing, so he stuck with that. 


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