The Punk Revival~Sarah Sunday! The music and fashion mashup~


Shes got the Style and Sound of PUNK Rock/New Wave!  The sound that ruled the airwaves in the late 70’s to 80’s joins the Retro Vibe Revival with the vocal prowess of SARAH SUNDAY!  Inspired by a plethora of iconic female vocalist from Avril Lavgine to Debbie Harry to Siouxsie Sioux,  SARAH SUNDAY exudes that Punk Rock Sound.   A totally colourful character from her make up to sense of fashion choices, Sarah looks the 80’s female Punk Rock part, she’s a total fashionista~ !

Her debut song “Come and Find Me” offers a playful edge with brilliant vocal hooks, pulsating downbeat and tempo flows with that Punk Rock/New Wave core, rounding out a perfectly authentic vibe. This breakout song is Slated for the TOP OF THE POPS!  A Remix version infused with EDM and TRANCE overtones is due out soon, produced by DJ Tycoos and DJ MBJ will be out soon.  Look for her new single  with the Remix to follow on all Streaming Services and DJ’s can find it via STARFLEET MUSIC RECORD POOL.

The short, sweet to the point background of Sarah and how she was discovered from her Manager/Producer and Songwriter …Dj Mbj ” I had written the music before I met Sarah,  believe it our not she was working at a Sephora near my home and I saw here, loved her look and just walked up to her and asked her if she can sing, she said yes, the rest is history..”



Her love of Music comes from her father who was a very accomplished pianist,  Sarah takes enjoyment in a plethora of musical genres.   However Sarah is really  drawn to and has a passion for the 80’s from music to personal style.  Her music has that retro sound that is surging, the old is new again musical inclination that scends  the scene!

Watch the 2 versions of the Music Video, they’ll take you back to the early days of MTV when they actually played Music Videos

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A New Type of Celebrity



A New type of celebrity…Sanjay Raja~ Multi Tasker from Author, Actor, MMA, Fitness Guru, the NEW health&fitness advocate, healthy living fanatic, Food Educator and Speaker to the masses!  ! Sanjay’s goal is to get the masses living and eating a more healthy, positive life.  Nutrition is his Mission, Good Health is his Goal!  His new book “The Food Talk” explores a better way for parents/caregivers to educate children of all ages on food and healthy eating&fitness habits. These are just a few things of his vast forte’ of projects and interests it’s not a question of what’s on with Sanjay it’s more of a statement to say What’s Not On. 


With the book out catch A snippet about Sanjay’s book~ The Food Talk offers advice on how you can talk about food with your children and change their eating habits for the better. In the book, he makes the excellent point that talking about food with your children is just as important as talking to them about sex. Food and sex are both very pleasurable but there is always risk involved.  He also points out that if your children are able to say “macaroni and cheese” or “chicken tenders,” they’re able to say “carbohydrates” and “protein” and know what those words mean. We all want our children to eat better, more nutritious and healthier food. We just don’t know how to make that happen, and there are many culprits that try to sabotage us along the way.

Catch  this five minute speech of Sanjay talking about his book in front of a large crowd in San Diego in March of this year regarding Children’s Nutrition and Fitness that covers major points of his book.

You can get his book via  and on Amazon    Barnes and Noble:

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See the Review of his authorship~

This JUST IN:    A production Company that is now wanting to turn his book into a TV Show  Stay tuned for details 



Some info on Sanjay Raja~ an actor with credits in film/tv/commercials and the author of  “The Food Talk”. He has been interviewed on numerous platforms including podcasts, radio stations and done live speeches on the subject of nutrition and fitness for adults of all ages and for parents who are looking for help in educating their children to eat healthy and carry those life long habits with them for the rest of their lives.  Sanjay Raja has over 25+ yrs teaching martial arts, was a former MMA fighter, and has over 10+ years exp working with medical professionals consulting them on various medical devices and new surgical techniques. Through his years of experience as an athlete and in the medical field he has worked with numerous clients in achieving their nutrition goals with a personalised plan he develops for each client to address their specific needs.

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Catch Sanjay at on of his many talks regarding  USO for veterans wanting to get into film making.  More details go to his website

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In the Acting Realm..Sanjay has appeared in many in TV/Film/commercials; he had a recurring role in Season 4 of the Netflix show “House of Cards”, has a significant role in the movie “The Favorite” which is set to release in theaters in Sept 2018; and has been cast for a role on a the TV show “Startup” in 2018 airing on the Sony Network

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