Rock N Roll is here to stay, dig it til the end!



Rock N Roll is here to stay, dig it til the end! The key to any good rock song is the Guitar everybody learned that when Chuck Berry came on the scene.Most notable he was guitarist for Tears For Fears & played the iconic guitar solo on Everybody Wants To Rule The world. He was involved on the albums ‘Songs From The Bg Chair & Sowing The Seeds Of Love. Neil has had an illustrious career and went on to work with Robbie Williams for ten years. Recording the guitars on the big hits such as the solo on Rock DJ..Love Supreme.. Feel..Come Undone. Others he has shared the stage on tour and recording studio with are Tina Turner [Steamy Windows] Morrissey [Last Of The Famous International Playboys] Natalie Imbruglia, James Morrison [Undiscovered] Peter Gabriel, Rod Stewart, Jane Wiedlin [Rush Hour] Lisa Marie Presley, Heather Nova, Naked Eyes, Climie Fisher [Love Changes Everything] Van Morrison, Paul Young [Don’t Dream It’s Over]  Holly Johnson [Love Train] to name a few..Working with all these iconic artist you can only imagine Neil has some amazing stories to tell. Now on his own……

Now on his own he has been releasing some amazing anthem sounding rock n roll ballads! In his own words Neil says. “For me it’s about good songs..Being able to them play live & tour in a professional manner”

Releasing his own solo guitarist singer/songwriter material since 2011, His latest single is slated to come out 3rd May.. UNBROKEN   The  vocal prowess in this canticle rock anthem reverberates impeccably alongside the Guitar performance. Neil’s inspiration behind the new single “Unbroken” is about the loss of my dad. It really has affected me and even though he passed over 16 years ago, it feels like yesterday. A very personal song though I’m sure most people can relate to it in one way or another. It has a positive message
and gives a feeling of comfort.


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The New Album is NOW out for your listening pleasure

Come Out Of The Silence is my 5th solo album..An adult contemporary rock/pop album which is unashamedly UK sounding & perfect for the US market. Most of the songs are the last songs ever written with well known song writer Steve Torch who wrote Believe by Cher & has 3 Ivor Novello awards to his name. Steve sadly passed two years ago.Neil says..This album took a while to come out as i had to finish writing it on my own..I knew i had it in me but i was used to taking a back seat whilst Steve wrote the lyrics & a lot of the melodies. I  wanted to make it a tribute to Steve.. I think he would be happy with the way it turned out.



 The emphasis is always been about quality songs to me & i don’t think this album will disappoint.


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Cyber Shaman2

With over 300 tracks done in 15 months, everything from House, Techno, Trance and Dark Electro  Ken Langelier AKA CYBER SHAMAN puts the most intense banging beats that the scene has encountered.  From solo projects to collabs with 10 other producers on a single project  CYBER SHAMAN creates passion filled beats of House and HI NRG Fusion with hard jackin’ percussion amid deep bass lines  with dubstep Ambient Chill that will give you an orgasmic musical experience. 


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Ken Best describes… I grew up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Not from a musically versed family, I got into music only in my late teens when I discovered Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel`s Passion of the Christ soundtrack in the 90`s. Psychedelics like LSD, psilocybin and cannabis gave me access to my musical loving self and I became a big fan of grunge music ( Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Tool), then punk ( No FX, Bad Religion, Pennywise ), industrial music (Nine Inch Nails, prick, Stabbing westward, Kmfdm ) and Trip Hop ( Tricky, Sneaker Pimps, Massive Attack).

I then discovered Raves and electronic ( Techno ) music in 1996 and started to really appreciate this genre a lot more for its really powerful sounds and beats. I started to listen to Bjork, Crystal Method, Fluke and also lots of DJs around the world.
I am a computer programmer so also in the late 90’s, I discovered Scream Tracker, an old music production program that made me love to create songs with a computer. Back then, the possibilities where a bit limited so I stopped pretty fast and forgot about music production for 20 years.

Last December, I got a new Iphone 6s. I then discovered Garageband and was so impressed with it that I started creating new tracks again. This was really just for fun at first, but the results were better that I expected and everybody around me liked the music I produced. So I decided to go all in and promote myself on the web. I now have a Soundcloud and Bandcamp page, I’m also on spotify, ITunes and all major retailers!  I am creating at a frantic pace and am constantly challenging myself with collaborations and new projects!

I have now more then 300 tracks and counting in 15 months. Most are Techno, trance, House and Dark Electro but I am experimenting in a lot of other styles ( Dubstep, Ambient, Chill, Drum & Bass, etc.). I have truly found myself a passion and this really fills a hole in the creative part of myself. I am so thrilled to create music that I love and I want to share it to the world so others can peak into my soul and creative mind.
Happy listening.

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90’s Flavoured Pop~Dance

Its 90’s Flavoured Kylie Minogue vibed POP from Singer Songwriter  sensation  DANiiVORY!!  “Little White Lie  is the new song will take on a melodic experience of amazing vocals mixed in a Indie-Dream-Soul-Pop mash up!  This energetic follow up to her first Hit exudes how sisters are doing it for themselves in the Music Biz; the way she hits the  ranges with harmonies that add the right layers to the exact right places gives listeners something fresh that they can dance and jam to. DANiiVORY’s new song Little White Lie will strike a chord musically in a way that few artists vocals do, it will be electrifying


DANiiVORY  hails from Pittsburgh,  PA and is now in Nashville TN where she lives with her husband and new baby. Her abilities as a  singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist are unmatched in comparison to some other artist out there. With her brilliant musical talents her resume is quite impressive, with  having played for several of the today’s top artists in the music industry Beyonce, Imagine Dragons, 2NE1, Rhye just to Name a few. Dani is now undertaking her own original music. Taking  Influence by her vast array of musical tastes from RNB, soul, Pop Dance and EDM her first hit BLACKOUT from the upcoming album, DREAMLAND, set for release in 2019.

Her NEW Song Little White Lie  in her own words….. “White Lie came on my Vintage 1976 Fender Rhodes one late night while I was still living in Los Angeles…I pretty much wrote the entire verse and pre-chorus in a few minutes with the chords.  I believe I had just learned a Stevie Wonder song “Love is in Need of Love Today” that day and the chord changes were one of the sources of inspiration for this song.  Another source of inspiration was my contemplation of how people (myself included) in Hollywood and Los Angeles tend to sugar coat the truth, after all, its HOLLYWOOD!  A lot of people say what you want to hear to skate over the surface avoiding any type of conflict or even sometimes trick another person into thinking something they’re not.  I too was also guilty of this from time to time.  So this is kind of an ode to wanting to get out of this bad habit.  I couldn’t tell you how many people told me “fake it ’til you make it” in that town and I had never heard it until I got there.  The Bridge draws inspiration from Fleetwood Mac andJ Dilla stylistically.”



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That’s Soul with a Dance VIBE!

Swing It Baby_John Morales RemixThe RETRO INFUSED  Washington DC style Soul infused  RnB/Dance mashup legendary singer Marc Staggers soars to the Top Of The Pops, you’;; do The Stroll down the Soul Train Line! With a repertoire of hits like  “Bring It Home To Me”, “Keep Those Fires Burning”, and “Let Me Be The One” written by the talented Nigel Lowis on DSG Records, Marc Staggers  he has a BRAND New Song SWING IT BABY!!  



‘Swing It Baby” was written by Reginald Staggers and Marc Staggers and Produced by Reginald Staggers. This hit song and the upcoming long-awaited CD “Let’s Go Out Tonight” are a solid collaboration between the two brothers that had been long dream of their late father, John H. Staggers.  Marc and Reginald describe their collaborative musical journey as one they felt elevated their music to another level.  In their words “they are elated with the new CD and are hopeful that the soul lovers worldwide will embrace the new music and feel the passion that was put forth to produce this CD”!

The song was written in the early part of the year, soon after Nigel Lowis fell ill and was bed and hospital bound for the past four months, with Doctors pulling their hair out to find a cure for the illnesses and viruses. Marc Staggers was thankfully very patient and has been busy co-writing songs for his forthcoming album called, “Timeless”.

The silky toned velvet voice of Marc Staggers is really shinning in a class of it’s own on this Philly-esque song, in which the cool production might bring back some memories when the likes of Lou Rawls, Arthur Preysock were prominent in the chart or even touches the delivery of something that John Legend would be happy singing today.

His New Hit will surely fill the disco floor, Queue up the Soul Train and 

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A bit of Marc’s background… He started singing in the church choir and studied voice as he was growing up. His initial foray into music started with the release of several gospel albums, on which he worked with talented singers such as the late Clifton Dyson. During his college years, he also studied music with an emphasis on voice, and after graduating college, Staggers continued to study voice under the direction of the world-renowned soprano, Nelda Ormond, under whom he began to recognise his true singing talent, and Ormond was pivotal in helping Marc gain the confidence he needed to pursue a singing career.With  four albums to date, the last being the 2015, ”Dream Catcher” set on Ralph Tee’s Expansion records which contained, ”Bring Me Back” that appeared in the higher regions of the Soul charts. If it was not for creativity and success of,” Bring It Home To Me”, Marc Staggers was ready to give up singing and change his profession, so he is very grateful to you for making his last single the success that it was.

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A New Vibe in Rock N Roll

dar.ra-both-eyes-WEB (1)


Rock N Roll will always be but it needs a shake up every now and then. DAR.RA is giving it a NEW VIBE, a retro flavoured infusion with Electronica! Not fazed by the lack of mainstream attention DAR.RA is free to explore deeper subjects and meanings that are relevant to a plethora of peoples that some artists are afraid to touch. From social justice, the environment to Animal charities the core of his music is deep and personal, deep driven beats, poignant lyrics that sends a message all wrapped up in a sweet-sounding rock-dance-soul electronic rhythmical experience.


From the Emerald Isle now living in the English Country side DAR. RA not only takes on musical exercersions  but also his an author of several books. He takes the metaphorical subway to his creative destinations, as in his words, “It’s a safer place to create on the underground.” Setting up Kusha Deep Records in 2003, after a second tour of Australia and New Zealand, it was clear that, if you did not do it for yourself, no one else would come to the rescue and release music that didn’t fit in with the Swedish pop writing factory sound, or the X-factor machine that did nothing, but to devalue music even more than Napster had already.

Now fast forward to 2019, and it’s even more clear that this decision was right. For more information on DAR.RA and Kusha Deep Records please visit


His Latest song Diamonds In The Shadows to be best put by DAR.RA himself…”touches on the struggle for people to step out of the everyday confines that we become chained too in order to fit into the stereotype that society expects of us. We fall into a kind of lab experiment where we are tested by the powers that be to conform to whatever we are told to do. Diamonds is about not allowing our true essence to be worn away and urges the Subconscious to rise from its slumber and shine as we are supposed to. To go beyond limiting thinking and create miracles from ideas to save the planet to healing sickness to living long and fulfilling lives that leave behind an amazing trial of mindblowing achievements  


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