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The new album from FREEMAN is now available, TRUTH is the debut solo album from the leader of the Retro Rock Sound; the sound is very Classic, Very British, Very Glamour of the age where rock reached new limits! The First single WEEKEND was released ahead of the album, which is the follow up to Top of The Pops Hit and favourite of BBC Introducing the single Redemption, The album launch was in the West End of London at Mau Mau Bar to a packed house.  The Second Single SOUL FOR YOU was just released you can listen to that here

Listen to the new album and add it to your PlayList on all streaming services, here is the link to the Spotify stream

Some background on The multi – talented FREEMAN. He first picked up a guitar when he was a Rolling Stones obsessed teenager living in Cuba, taking inspiration from other ‘70’s icons such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac, Love, Bill Withers, America and Al Stewart; he set up crafting his own take on those sounds in an analogue studio, playing live and recording to tape. A truly warm and distinctive voice, he creates songs that recall the starkness, beauty and tenderness of singers such as Jeff Buckley, Scott Matthews, Laura Marling and Devendra Banhart.

Outside of the music world Freeman is an abstract painter, who developed his love for the style while still at school. Gaining a large following on Instagram, he decided to hold his first exhibition, Portobello’s Palm Tree Gallery, where he became the “highest selling artist on Portobello in 20 years.”  Freeman is currently in talks with top Mayfair gallery, Maddox and Delahunty Fine Art, with plansto hold a second exhibition very soon. Freeman’s love of music and art go hand in hand one of his early paintings is featured on the album cover.

Make to to checkout and follow FREEMAN’S artwork on Instagram @Artbyfreeman  You can also find his music related Instagram with exclusive behind the scenes look @Freemanrocknroll  You can find him on Twitter too


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The Impersonators~classic inspired vibeology

The retro vibe is going strong and the masses are flocking to follow the vintage sound. The Impersonators from Finland are preeminent in this classic, inspired vibeology. Their 60s flavoured alternative pop/rock takes you back to the creativity and warmth of the pop music of yesteryear. This Top-of-the-Pops alternative pop/rock duo of Tommi Tikka and Antti Autio, supported by producer Janne Saksa, write tunes that will remind you of Chad & Jeremy infused with the Beatles, infused with modern tones, creating a new fusion in music. There may be new music genres in the 21st century, however, retro sounds and styles will always have their place in the music industry. The Impersonators add great retro-flavoured music to this mix.

Their Single “Burning Blue” is an instant hit. Deep and intense, it will have you feel what it is like to walk around aimlessly with your heart broken, trying to make sense of what happened, missing the person you thought was going to stick around.

You can listen to this Top-of-The-Pops tune via these streaming links, make sure and add them to your Playlists. 

The “Burning Blue” music video takes you back to a time where MTV actually had music videos, check it out via the link

A bit about The Impersonators as told by Tommi:

Antti and I first met at the University. We were both English majors. And one of the last courses I took was a course on feminist poets. There was no real reason for that choice. I was missing a few credits and the course fit the bill. Antti was there for the same reason and was assigned to be my study buddy.  It turned out we both loved sixties music and became fast friends. However, Carmen Gray, the group I was involved with at the time, was definitely happening then and so it was another ten years or so before Antti and I started collaborating. After Carmen Gray had disbanded, I got a lyric from him called “Ghost Town Radio”. It was basically a poem about how nobody listens to good music anymore. I loved it and suggested we collaborate on the album I was working on. As we did, I decided half way through the album that the band I had backing me up did not gel. I dissolved it. I was comparing it to Carmen Gray in my mind anyway. I decided to handle the instruments myself. So, that’s how The Impersonators became a group of two song writers rather than a group of five musicians. Truth be told, these days there’s three of us really. Antti and I and then Janne Saksa, who is my collaborator in the studio. On “Burning Blue”, I took Antti’s lyric and wrote a tune to it and did a basic arrangement of the song. Then, I took my preproduction to Janne and the two of us played the instruments and produced the final record. This is how we work.

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