A Quick Chat with openly Gay Actor and Activist Bruce L. Hart~

  • What do you want to be when you grow up?  That’s an interesting question. As a child I wanted to be a milk man–delivering milk in the suburbs. Good thing I didn’t pursue that one! My kindergarten teacher told my mother she was sure I’d be an actor because I loved to make up skits and perform them for the class. Since I feel like I’m always growing–and growing up–my goal is simply to be part of the vast group of creative artists who write, act and produce.  
  • If someone was going to make your life into a movie, who would play you?  If we had a time machine I’d say Ron Howard. But if we’re talking present day actors I’d love to see Neal Patrick Harris play me. But honestly I haven’t lived enough yet to make any sort of an interesting story.    
  • When did you first perform? My very first “legit” role was in first grade playing a “moonster” in the musical “Cowboy on the Moon”. All I really remember of the experience was one of the stage mom’s prompting from the wings of the theatre “Remember your funny walk”!!
  • Who do you look up to (as an actor/director/etc.)?  Anyone who writes, acts and produces has my admiration. In the indie world I admire Leon Acord who created the brilliant LGBT series “Old Dogs and New Tricks” where I’m one of the cast. In the mainstream I admire Keanu Reeves. A talented carefully spoken performer who challenges himself with each new role. 
  • What’s your perfect Sunday afternoon look like?  If I’m working on a film or series then Sundays are precious because they usually are the only day where I have down time. So my Sunday would include biking around my neighborhood, reading a cool mystery novel and/or binge watching free movies on Prime.  And of course a lot of home brewed coffee and cookies.  (I LOVE cookies). 
  • When you have a five-minute break during rehearsal, what do you spend that time doing?  A real break on the set (which is rare) I would text my brother Paul and let him know how things are going. He’s a director so he’s always interested in other people’s projects. 
  • What’s the last thing you do before you step out on a set? I take a deep breath and then release it. It really helps me get into the space I need to be in before walking into the set with all of the people (crew, director, make up artist, costumer etc).  The breath helps me focus so I’m not distracted and can stay in the moment required for whatever scene we’re filming.  
  • What’s UP next for you.?  I have a new feature in development about gay fathers who are planning their daughter’s wedding. It’s a comedy with dramatic elements. Think Hallmark for LGBT and that’s the closest it will ever get to the Hallmark channel because they don’t have any LGBT stories or characters (which I find odd).  Also the series “Old Dogs and New Tricks” is planning to return with new episodes (like Will & Grace did) which is very exciting because my character Nelson the mean guy is going to return also!  
  • What’s your opinion of the current political situation in the USA?  I’m a registered Democrat. I’m very concerned about the state of democracy in our great country.  I hope the 2020 elections will bring in a qualified presidential candidate and that we can also elect sane people to congress who care about the American people. People are upset and angry and lashing out because we do not have good leadership.
  • Where can we find your films?  Just about everything I’ve appeared in with a few exceptions can be found on Prime. This includes the Canadian TV series “Boystown” I appeared in a few years back.  Last year I was the guest star on the series “Where the Bears Are” which is only available on a pay platform on YouTube.  There is also a new LGBT channel GayBingeTV and two of my films “Open” and “Homewrecker” are available on there!
  • Where can we find  you on social media?  I’m on Facebook as Bruce Hart. I have a regular page and an actor page. Easy to find–just look for my picture.  On Instagram I’m Bruce384 and on Twitter I’m
  • @BruceLHart. 

Bruce L Hart is recognizable for his many roles in television and feature films. He is best known for his feature film roles in “Saltwater” (also starring Ian Roberts), “Homewrecker” (co-starring Rebekah Kochan) and the cult comedy “The Trouble With Barry” (with Rina Riffel). In 2007 Hart appeared the award winning short film “The Reckoning” about gay bashing and was cited by the Life Affirmation Association for his strong portrayal as the abducted and victimized leader of a fictional Gay & Lesbian Center.

A frequent actor on episodic programming Hart is known for his recent roles in “Boystown” (Canadian TV series Amazon/OutTV) and the digital series “Old Dogs and New Tricks” (HULU).

In 2017 he starred in theatrical feature “Open” (Amazon) which won Best Comedy and Best Feature on the festival circuit. Hart was also nominated as “Best Actor” in the 2017 festival season. He has written and produced seven popular stage shows for the Los Angeles stage including the long running “It Started With a Lie” and “Naked Deception” (which became the feature film “Homewrecker” in 2009). These were produced through his production company VanderHart Productions which he founded in 1999. Hart most recently appeared in the TV film “Unfallen” (Michael Madsen) produced for Amazon.

He is a passionate LGBTQ rights advocate and frequently appears in LGBTQ themed productions.

The Fast 5 with Neil Taylor

1. What’s your  sound?
 Rock/pop/power/enegry 70’s influenced..sometimes..Guitar driven Uk sound with very catchy tunes.

2. What inspires your music?

Passion..Being creative & always trying to write that perfect song.

3. Who are your influences? 
The music i grew up with T.Rex..Deep Purple..Slade…The Sweet..Pink Floyd..Status Quo..Mott The Hoople. I could go on..

4. What’s next? 
Album release in the US & tour of Japan in December.

5. How do we find you on Social Media?


Neil Taylor~ Most notable he was guitarist for Tears For Fears & played the iconic guitar solo on Everybody Wants To Rule The world. He was involved on the albums ‘Songs From The Bg Chair & Sowing The Seeds Of Love. Neil has had an illustrious career and went on to work with Robbie Williams for ten years. Recording the guitars on the big hits such as the solo on Rock DJ..Love Supreme.. Feel..Come Undone. Others he has shared the stage on tour and recording studio with are Tina Turner [Steamy Windows] Morrissey [Last Of The Famous International Playboys] Natalie Imbruglia, James Morrison [Undiscovered] Peter Gabriel, Rod Stewart, Jane Wiedlin [Rush Hour] Lisa Marie Presley, Heather Nova, Naked Eyes, Climie Fisher [Love Changes Everything] Van Morrison, Paul Young [Don’t Dream It’s Over]  Holly Johnson [Love Train] to name a few..Working with all these iconic artist you can only imagine Neil has some amazing stories to tell.

The Ongoing…Invasion of the Cyber Shaman

The music just keeps coming from CYBER SHAMAN!  Ken Langelier AKA CYBER SHAMAN puts the most intense banging beats that the scene has encountered.  From solo projects to collabs with 10 other producers on a single project  CYBER SHAMAN creates passion filled beats of House and HI NRG Fusion with hard jackin’ percussion amid deep bass lines  with dubstep Ambient Chill that will give you an orgasmic musical experience.\



checkout his Playlists you will get a wide plethora of his musical styles


It’s the eLectronic singularity

What would you do for your significant  others big number B`Day?  A gathering of friends? Go out to dinner?  OR something bigger?  Well Jamelle Bejarano has everyone beat.. She decided to put on a concert for her husbands big 5-0!  He is huge fan of electronic music so she decided to gather up his favourites and make a huge event out of it.  Taking Place in the UK  in November this is slated to be one banger of an event

For information and tickets click the link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/electronic-singularity-tickets-60351737672?aff=AlG

Jamelle describes how this all came about….

My husband, John Bejarano, is turning 50 in November. I asked him what special activity he would like to do for his birthday. After some thought, he said he would love to see his favorite three bands in concert, but as Northern Kind is from Leceister, England, Future Perfect is from Wales, and Johan Baeckström is from Sweden it wasn’t likely that they would play together in November. The three bands have not previously had a group concert.  Also, we are in California. I immediately told him I would make it happen.   I started on the journey of trying to put together a concert of the three bands from different continents in a country an ocean away from our home. John is a large synthpop fan and was already Facebook friends of the three bands. He reached out to them and they all rapidly agreed to be part of the concert. It was a very exciting start to this plan.


We decided to call the concert eLectronic singularity. The name of the concert represents electronic for electronic music, singularity because it is a one time event, and the L in eLectronic is the only letter capitalized and it represents the Roman Numeral for 50.  I reached out to the bands to determine what they need for the concert in equipment and space, and fan size and began my long search for a venue. I was impressed by the newly refurbished Nambucca in London and booked the concert for Nov 15, 2019. Next step was to find a way to sell and distribute tickets. This was a challenge but determined that Eventbrite.UK would be a good fit. The concert is also listed on Evensi.  I am enjoying my challenge and sharp learning curve of putting together an international concert of three fabulous bands. As an Accounts Payable Director, I never expected to become an international concert promoter.

 A little bit on each band  for more info on each please visit the website or Facebook

​​Northern Kind are electronic duo Matt Culpin and Sarah Heeley. Based in Leicester, UK the duo formed in 2006 and have gained a loyal, international fan-base. Their early albums ‘53 Degrees North’ and‘Wired’, topped album and download charts across Europe and won them prestigious live dates
including a UK tour with pop legends Kajagoogoo, Recoil with Alan Wilder (ex-Depeche Mode) and Gary Numan at Postbahnhof, Berlin, and Heaven 17 at the 2013 Silicon Dreams Festival.

In the early 90´s Johan Baeckström formed the swedish electropop duo Daily Planet together with vocalist Jarmo Ollila. The singles "Milky Way" and "Radioactive love" was released in 1995-1996,
followed by the first – and only – album "The Tide". Until 2014, that is – In september 2014 they released their second album, called "Two", on Swedish label Progress Productions. It was followed by a 3rd album, "Play Rewind Repeat" in May 2017. In between those two, Johan released two solo albums, ”Like Before” in June 2015 and ”Utopia” in June 2018, both highly acclaimed by fans and

Simon Owen – Music, Lyrics, Vocals & Production
Rebecca Owen – Music, Vocals & Synths The now Husband & Wife couple Simon & Rebecca Owen make up the incredible electronic/synthpop/EBM sound of Future Perfect.
 They formed in 2009 taking their influences from the lyrical darkness of Joy Division & Depeche Mode, the experimentalism of early O.M.D and style and groove of Pet Shop Boys. Future Perfect has a sound that’s looking forwards and never

 follow on twitter and facebook for updates @electronica4all  https://www.facebook.com/eLectronicsingularity/

Dar.Ra announces new music.


PHOTO-2019-07-30-12-50-48 (1)

The new revolution in rock music returns with DARra and his new album…  his infused progressive rock vibe intermingled with classic Brit Rock has that Duran Duran feel to it  Bringing back the New Romantic style in music DARra shows the influences of not only the aforementioned iconic band, but David Bowie and Roxy Music including Soft Cell  with dashes of Steam Punk trends. Dashes of dance rhythm in SynthROCK! A musical amalgamation of 80s rock, art rock, alt rock and Pop Rock from the creative mind of an artist that has changed since his beginnings with EMI years ago. 

DATELINE—–2019 the world has warmed up and is still been run by the Craziest Showmen to ever breath, and music has become wall-paper where everyone with a drum machine and Iphone desperately beg for your 1 second of attention.

Its a different world now from the one where people would take the effort to hit the record stores, buy that killer new album, rush home, pour a drink of something or maybe something else, sit back and float downstream for a few hours of sonic drifting.
So why on earth would anyone make an Album in 2019, when no one has the time to look up and say hello let alone have an hour to drift away to other places in your headspace.
Well out on the Wild frontier on musical innovation their our a few soldiers still holding the forts, waiting for the moment they can return back to the everyday rush with a new sonic masterpiece to restore the faith of the people.
Again you ask why would you bother, that question is hard to answer other than the hope that someone might feel the same and want to join the sonic army to change the world for the better.
One of those Sonic soldiers is an Irish born artist called Dar.Ra that has returned from the frontier with a new sonic masterpiece called ‘New Kinda Normal’ 10 songs that depict life in the 21st century but allow the mind to drift off and make up your own ideas of how things should be.
This album is a labour of love and has taken two years to make with co producer Harvey Summers, moving genres and themes like a tour bus moves from one town to another.
Its already had one hit single called ‘Diamonds N The Shadows’ which has been getting great press and support on various platforms, with a video that would make David Lynch smile, if you haven’t heard it, you must of been watching MTV Cribs.
‘If you didn’t come to party don’t bother knocking on my door, Prince once said, but were saying if your not into getting woke to new music then jog on.
Subject and themes run from Coming Out and being you, War, Being Single, Climate Change in ‘Heavier Than Rock N Roll’ to Suicide in a track dedicated to Robin Williams. Its all there but in a non preachy kinda way.
The vibe is one which Dar.Ra calls Rock Step which is a mixture of Rock N Roll and EDM which you can hear on ‘Night Stepper’ another track with a killer Video shot in NYC about a 12th century Knight who wakes up in the 21st C. Another single ‘Phenomenal’ a tribute to single mothers which got heavy radio support in the US and UK with Kerrang Radio calling the vibe Different, and Planet Rock loving it too.
There are 10 tracks and three bonus remixes pushing the EMD vibe into touchdown. The Night Stepper remix just oozes late night sex appeal and has also had support from the Club Heads.
Its all there if you dare to dream for something different.

Insights to the  new song and the others on the album:  

Rock Steady by Dar.Ra This is about a guy who has enough of being told what to do and how to feel by his wife and decides to leave. He believes that he will be Rock Steady with or without her, even though she has tried to gaslight him believing that he will never survive on his own. Everyone should feel Rock Steady on their own, no one should need anyone to make them happy. It’s a bonus when it happens but we all need to be independent in my book. “

The Beat by Dar.Ra Album master This track is about the need to power economies through the death industry. Henry Kenssinger made the statement If ‘You can’t hear the drums of War then you are deaf’. Until we don’t see the need to profit over people’s misery there will always be the treat of war. ‘Can you hear the Beat'” 

“Heavier Than Rock N Roll by Dar.Ra People say don’t watch the news and it makes sense as it looks like the world is on the brink. The challenges that face us as a Human Race are ‘Heavier That Rock N Roll’. If we as a race make it through the next 50 years will have done well “

Phenomenal by Dar.Ra is a tribute to single mothers who bring up amazing people on their own It’s a tribute to my Mum who did that and my girlfriend who did it without becoming bitter. God bless Women who do that everyday “

Rewind by Dar.Ra Inspired by the passing of Amy Whinehouse it’s about people who go too soon and how you wish you could just keep rewinding those moments over and over again with those people till the end of eternity “

“Diamonds in the Shadows by Dar.Ra We hide ourselves behind walls to protect our hearts from being knocked down by other people in higher position than us. It’s all about saying I don’t care what you think I’m doing it. I am a Diamond IN The Shadows “

“Heart Shape Pill by Dar.Ra Sometimes the search for Redemption can take a lifetime if it comes at all. Its about someone who has it all Money Fame but has an empty void that cannot be filled. The search to fill that emptiness leads us on paths that can scar the mind and tarnish the soul. The character in the song is desperate and in the end death is the only way he finds peace from the demons”

The Lights by Dar.Ra Is about the moment the Lights are dimming in your mind and you feel that suicide might be the only answer. The song is about praying for someone to be there in your darkest moment who stops you from turning off the Lights”


For more information on DAR.RA and Kusha Deep Records please visit www.kushadeep.co.uk

Follow DAR.Ra on social media for exclusive photos, behind the scenes looks and video message update   @KushaDeepMusic    https://www.instagram.com/dar.ra.brady/


That country road takes me to Germany….



Country road take me home to  Germany… country music expands the globe.. Rob Georg is bringing Country Music to new Heights combinding Country music with that Americana folk style infused with Rock!  Rob gives a very German take country Music, as his songs reveal it’s all about stortytelling in a way to draw people in and let them experience the lyrics on a personal level. Rob finds  a way to connect to those who hear his music. He vocal and guitar talents have av Keith Urban-esque appeal, even if you’re not a huge country music fan you’ll be taken in. Rob not only puts out country music that will draw you in but he lives the life, a former equestrian athlete he lives with his 9 dogs, 50 sheep, a herd of Angus cattle and 2 dozen horses at last count. 


His new song Sunset on the Ranch can be found here https://open.spotify.com/track/4fuRUede9U4mBTqobocQq3


Make sure and listen to his other country hits…  https://open.spotify.com/artist/5TAqfumFfX6byVkerFR4E4


And of course WATCH the Music Video…  https://youtu.be/O93IiMkmwTI


Behind the song  in Rob’s words… As I told you in my song “Dust,” real life on the ranch doesn’t match the romantic notion that most people get  when they think about cowboys and cowgirls and the life on the ranch. However, they do exist, these moments in everyday life that compensate for all deprivation and hard work. These are the moments with the animals, the births of lambs, calves and foals, the moments in which one is grateful to be able to work in God’s free nature and, at the end of the day, when you bring the animals their food, the most beautiful sunsets that one can hardly imagine.


 They are so memorable that I felt the urge to write a song about them. A song, that describes the uniqueness of the sunsets on the ranch in their many variations, a song which can convey their beauty in the melody and the lyrics.

It is perhaps even the most beautiful moment of the day when the sky turns red and orange and the animals become calm and prepare for the night’s rest. When you can share it with your partner and your children becomes even more beautiful and valuable. The feeling of connectedness created by a sunset experienced together is so unique and creates many beautiful memories.

Many people today do not take the time to watch the sunset and enjoy it together. Maybe my song encourages you to turn off the TV and consciously look into the sky. I would be very happy if my song could do that for you.



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The Retro Future trend expands…Power POP returns~

2019-07-07 08.44.54-1

Its hooky yet hard-edged, guitar-driven music experience!  Harken to the days of Bad Finger and The Move, influences of The Kinks, The WHO to Cheap Trick and The Knack; a RetroFuture sound of that 70’s and early 80’s  genre, Power POP is everything a genre could be, from the heavy arena-rock hook to the cooing, teenybopper-friendly verses and chorus.  VIX 20 is bringing back one of first postmodern music genres  The current hits out  are full of catchy, melodic hooks and energetic moods …DIGITAL AGE & ANGLE ON MY JET SKI  take you back to the days of that 45″ to the days of let’s listen to the first song then “on the flip side”   The songs hybrid style of pop and punk with a bit of Rock is an experimental of stylistic melodic distant  alternative to prog and the hippy troubadours, but a odd ball cousin to glam.


VIX20 with their Brit Power POP music is  feel good, foot tapping musical excursion that keeps you coming back for more. New music is  due out in August make sure and stay tuned for that.

Make sure and listen to their song on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/01fEKKUsAN1pp9jguVrTQG

Make sure you check out the Music Video too


Here is a brief bio on the band from the back…put straight forward…

Bios?…One of the many things Mills and CJ haven’t missed during hiatus from the ‘music biz’. Usually a band would flash their pedigree and tell you about all the incredible things members of Vix20 achieved during their years in music. Regale you with stories of rock n roll decadence, tours and air miles…from Rick Wakeman on a beach in Tenerife to L A Reid in New York City, not to forget becoming Dutch Rock Heroes…but you probably wouldn’t believe them anyway.

And so it was 25 years after their first school band and after a period of time spent apart sheltering from industry BS, label politics and amoral men in suits, CJ and Mills quite accidentally started making music again…strictly for fun, right?Sure, right up until Mills arranged the commercial release of ‘Digital Age’. This has made CJ very angry but Mills thinks it will be fine.Each cut on the Vix20 debut album draws from their eclectic influences.

The sound? Debut single ‘Digital Age’ sits on the progressive pop punk shelf; while other tracks on the album range from alternative to progressive rock back to punk.2019 looks like a busy year for Vix20 or they may decide to give it a few more summers.

The Insights to their music….

Digital Age.Digital Age is a snapshot of trying to understand a world you used to own.  A time when the Walkman was king! We also got to reference all our favourite cartoons in the video. 

Angel on my jet skiBased on a true story of the biggest character Mills and Cj know….The ultimate homage 

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@vixtwenty (twitter)

More info can be found on the website…  https://www.vix20.com

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Taking Care of your Face and more…

Starting off in an investment firm and moving around to various projects multi an entrepreneur for 30 years, started and sold 2 successful businesses Sam Racster  developed Alonzo’s Oil.. a line of products 100% natural, never animal tested, something that is healthy for your skin compared to some of the other stuff that is out there.  He also has a passion for helping people achieve clarity around their goals, values and purpose.  His speeches draw huge crowds  from the business event to a small gathering at the local coffee shop.


The Beard OIL  has a bit of older background….  with Alonzo the beard oil and shaving cream was created by his father..Sam took over the business and expanded it~ As the story goes:

It all started in the basement of a retired attorney who wanted to finally put his 1964 degree in chemistry to work. Alonzo knew that various oils could be combined in such a way as to make a single solution, but it took two years to finally get the mixture exactly the way he wanted it. Sure enough, Alonzo perfected it. The result? Our men’s shaving oil uses a unique blend of seed and nut oils, making shaving an absolute pleasure.

Alonzo’s Sensational Shave is designed for men who truly care about their shaving experience. From ultra-sensitive skin to normal facial skin, our blend of all-natural seed and nut oils ensures that your shaving experience is smooth and precise, right down to the follicle.

Whether you prefer to use an electric shaver or an old school straight razor, we’re confident that you’ll be impressed at how smooth and moisturized your face feels. Some folks apply our pre-shave products before applying traditional shaving cream, while others solely use our shaving oil. The result is the same: a superior shave.

Alonzo’s Shave Oil

Alonzo’s Beard Oil

Alonzo’s Shave oil for Women

Alonzo’s Bergamot Shave Cream.

It is the ultimate for your face and your legs  ladies… drag queens  or you just want a smooth leg~  nothing wrong with that!  The products are so natural you COULD even cook with the Shave and Beard Oil…  but I wound not suggest that AT ALL!

Make sure to check out the website.. you can even get it on Amazon  Follow the social medias too





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Surrounded by the CYBER SHAMAN



Another installment of The CYBER SHAMAN is here!  The Cyber Shaman is here to convert you into a Techno  Machine.  Giving you serious classic retro Techono  Shaman’s House vol. V is the next volume of intense blend of Techno and House music by Cyber Shaman. This album is track after track of dance Hymns that will make you wanting for more.  Cyber Shaman puts all his skills and heart into a something that has that experimental feel but still will give you the  Shamanic teachings from the master of electro music.

With Cyber Shaman always be ready for new music.

Ken Langelier AKA CYBER SHAMAN puts the most intense banging beats that the scene has encountered.  From solo projects to collabs with 10 other producers on a single project  CYBER SHAMAN creates passion filled beats of House and HI NRG Fusion with hard jackin’ percussion amid deep bass lines  with dubstep Ambient Chill that will give you an orgasmic musical experience. 

Check out the new album on Spotify  https://open.spotify.com/album/3QXQZnfWET8OJbHaAr93N0

check out the Socials Smarturl profile with all music links: