Vix20… #MAGA (MadeAGreatsongAgain)

The POWER POP/Rock craze continues with VIX20! The duo who take you back to the sounds of the KINKS and the KNACK now add in a dash of They Might Be Giants to the MiX! Taking a satirical political turn they have a bit of fun with that person who has taken up Part Time residence of the White House in Washington DC, you know the Bestie of Putin and Kim, the famous cat grabber and I don’t mean what Mrs Slocombe was referring to in that classic Brit Comedy Are You Being Served? Check out the insights to the new song right below and make sure to Stream the heck out of this one #MadeAGreatsongAgain #MAGA #thenewMAGA

Vix20 are Gary Mills and CJ, two music industry veterans who grew so disillusioned with the state of every element of the music industry that they threw their guitars out of the window and sulked for a few years. Now rejuvenated, though no less prickly about the Modern Age, they return, to quote the band themselves, “we’re hard rockers turned to the dark side of pop”. As evidenced on their previous single, Digital Age, their passion for power pop (don’t say ‘punk pop’ to them, it suggests too much jumping around) and dexterity with words combines to become insanely catchy 3-minute thunderbolts. Joining them in the videos and when they play live are on the Drums it’s Rich and on the Bass it’s Kill.

Forthcoming double A-side Hashtag Change/Me Gwanishi pushes the envelope even further with the glorious cut-up tones of Donald Trump delivering a love letter to his beloved Melania. Lawyers be damned!

Forget the Flipside….Vix20 return with a double A side single from there (eventual) forth coming album. Digital Age.

Hashtag Change
aka the Trump Song…. People don’t really change; they just try to live their best life, and in that regard Big Donny nailed it. In this frank and open love letter to Melania, Don tells us what was on his mind the whole time.

Me Gwanishi (Mei Guanxi)

Inspired by the short film Room 13 (released 2020), Gwanishi describes how best to deal with an experience you’re probably not supposed to have. The tune features on the film’s soundtrack.





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Cyber Shaman Techno…


Here is another great release from Cyber Shaman, he brings you another dimension to his energetic psychedelic Techno and invites you to visit the 5th opus of his shamanic Techno V From the first track: Teck-Dance to the incomparable Grant courant to the finish with: Sans Cesse, you will experience track after track of dark progressive techno beauty!

  Cyber Shaman is very proud of this new album and urges you to buy and listen to the future of electronic music! Putting out a more tech, house and electronic than any other artist out there, each album takes you on a electronic melodic ride. Ken Langelier AKA CYBER SHAMAN puts the most intense banging beats that the scene has encountered.  From solo projects to collabs with 10 other producers on a single project  CYBER SHAMAN creates passion filled beats of Techo… House and HI NRG Fusion with hard jackin’ percussion amid deep bass lines  with dubstep Ambient Chill.

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Bring Country back to that classic sound.. Brenda Cay!

Amazing county music artist Brenda Cay harkens you to the days of Jeannie Riely, June Carter Cash and Brenda Lee, It’s not your usual lick of Carrie Underwood and some of the recent ones showing up in the country Music Scene. Brenda’s voice is distinctive, it’s that classic country sound with an Americana Hook and even some Caribbean flavours hear and there. Brenda is a nice refreshing sound that will stand the test of musical time and evolve into the the classics that we all enjoy still listening to years down the road.

Make sure you stream her music via the link

Some of the inspiration behind her music in her own word… My songs are based on life experiences and infuse elements of country, rock, pop, and probably everything in between, and are designed to help the listener escape for a while.  Many of the songs are fun mid to uptempos because I am a positive person and I like to have fun, but the new album will also deal with loss.  In short, my listeners can get to know me by listening to my music. 

The background…

I grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland and the water and the beach have always been a big part of my life.  I have a bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in accounting and I worked as a C.P.A. for several years.  I have always loved to write and about seven years ago, I decided to pursue a career as a songwriter, focusing mainly on Country music.  In the spring of 2018, I decided to take it a step further and pursue a career as a recording artist while still writing with and for other artists.  I began recording my debut EP, “Angler Management,” which released in January 2019.  wo of the songs on the EP, “R & R Reggae & Rum” (written by Cay and Mitch Collins) and “Joe” (written by Cay and Brian Brewer), were released as singles in the fall of 2018 before the EP and were well received.  I am currently a nominee for a Josie award for song of the year for “Joe” in the Folk/Americana/Bluegrass category. 

Now I am working on a full album and have released the first single from it (ahead of the album).  With the release of that song, “Glass Slippers,” I also released my first music video.  After two weeks, it has 25.7k views on Facebook.  “Glass Slippers” was produced in Nashville by Kristin K. Smith, who also co-wrote the song.  It was recorded in Nashville at Saxman Studios where major recording artist, Luke Combs, records his songs. 

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The madness of melodywhore continues!

This super talented Electro Maestro Melodywhore will take you back to the darkwave Progressive/Gothic Rock of Joy Division, The Cure and BauHouse, add in a splash of Iggy Pop along with Killing Joke. His music is a refreshing take of  a chance of self awareness, of personal revolution, of colourful perception and galvanisation of the imagination that startles the slumbering mind and body from their sloth! . Just recently Melodywhore released a single and a new EP and is about two weeks away from releasing a new maxi single.  

The madness of melodywhore continues! This super talented Electro Maestro has just released a single and a new EP and is about two weeks away from releasing a new maxi single.  

melodywhore is a darkwave electronic project with post rock and industrial roots.  With influences such as Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, OMD, Pigface and Ministry, you may be able to piece together where some of his artistry comes from.  The project started around 2000 and there has been a number of incarnations since.  2017 marked a change with the release of his second full album, Xenophilia, as a decision to work more on building melodywhore as a brand was made. From then to now, melodywhore has put himself out there as a major promoter of indie music and has taken on two weekly web broadcast radio shows in support of indie artists.  melodywhore is also a part of Ghostpile Records, a “label” in support of indie artists as well as putting himself out there to collaborate with the community through remixes and collabs.  

On July 19th, the single “Hum” was dropped and just a week later, on July 26th, the first ever melodywhore released EP, DarkLight, was dropped.  This was somewhat of a departure from previous works as most of them were instrumentals and guest vocals.  DarkLight has four vocal tracks performed by melodywhore himself.  

Review by Starwing Digital:

hum on Spotify:

DarkLight EP on Spotify:

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hum on Spotify:

DarkLight EP on Spotify:

here is a darkwave playlist he curated:

 Soundcloud EP link –

Bandcamp EP link – 

Apple music EP link –

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The Impersonators return

Alt Pop Alt Rock band the Impersonators return with a brand new song and music video. Hailing from Helsinki the duo and sometimes a trio harken back to the sounds of the early music we got from David Bowie, Pet Shop Boys with a dash of Blur and a splash of Blink 182~

Life very seldom resembles fairytales. More often than not, contentment comes from counting our blessings and paying as little attention as possible to our shortcomings. However, sometimes, when disappointment is too overwhelming, we are forced to pick up what’s left of our hopes and dreams and move on to a new, hopefully better life, leaving behind everything that reminds us of our past. This is what The Impersonator’s new track, ”Circus” is about. It’s a goodbye song to toxic relationships and difficult life.Produced by Tommi Tikka and The Impersonator’s secret weapon, producer Janne Saksa, ”Circus” harks back to the guitar riffs of The Byrds and The Beatles, while offering a hefty dose of the group’s trademarks: poignant lyrics, emotive melodies and retro flavoured vocal harmonies. The new song is slated to be released mid August along with the music video.

Having previously been signed to Sony/BMG with Carmen Gray, one of Finland’s finest rock bands, Tom Tikka has formed The Impersonators, a two-man project born out their ashes designed to cut-out the politics and strife which come from the rock ‘n’ roll carnival of band life. Resolutely studio-based, The Impersonators attempt to channel the bejeweled power-pop of The Go-Betweens and the immediacy/worldliness of early R.E.M. to deliver timeless alt-pop melodies.

Comprising Tom Tikka and lyricist Antti Autio, The Impersonators are just that: a duo which masquerades as a full band and does everything it can to defy convention – whether that being their insistence on avoiding touring or their songs, which home in on the warts-and-all gnarliness of love and real life. In fact, if one were to find a common theme that runs through the group’s entire catal it would probably be how life very seldom resembles or turns out like Disney fantasies. 

Despite their poignant lyrics, The Impersonators are still a joyous and sweet proposition, with their vocal harmonies and chiming chords harking back to such 60s pop majesties as The Beatles, The Byrds and The Beach Boys. Together with their secret weapon, producer Janne Saksa, The Impersonators craft their lyrics and melodies into retro-flavoured “alternative pop/rock”. While adding a modern twist to the final soundscape, their most important goal is to nurture and cultivate the creativity, spirit, and warmth that graced the pop records of yester years.

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Are YOU ready for ….Gotchi!

Watch out Drake!   Another hot Hip Hop Artist is coming out of Canada!  GOTCHI~ This brilliantly talented recording artist lyrical prowess is masterful; lyrically he uses his platform to express relateable sentiment which is always in tune by the timeless vibes of classic Hip Hop. Yet, Gotchi does so much more than just assimilate former sounds. He packs in plenty of wavy melodies which sweep along with the atmospheric layers of reverb. Inspired from a plethora of experiences GOTCHI writes his own music that reaches out to the new or seasoned fan of Hip Hop/Rap/Pop, his style fits well into the crossover genre.

Listen to “Got It Lock It” via the Spotify link

This song boasts a melodic vibe with raw lyrics and vocals, the beat is smooth and uplifting, it is easy to listen to and keeps the listener wanting more. Gotchi is innovative with his rap style and his visuals, Got It Lock was inspired by this need to experiment and continue to create the perfect visuals to build and add to the story line of the song. The song was made to reach larger audiences with its universal melodic sound, this Toronto native artist is being called one of the most versatile artists of his generation, always surprising his fans with different material. This video was filmed in Ontario the first scene was at an abandoned gas station which was later demolished weeks after the shooting. The story line displays Gotchi contemplating a mission in the beginning and or preparing for something , perhaps nervous and or anxious to have it done he is hoping that things will go accordingly. The in between scenes display his inner inflections and reflections to the atmosphere and display his outlaw image , and the Wild West theme the video has. Finally he arrives at a destination and leaves successful and mission completed, Gotchi ends up at a Bates motel looking establishment where he than can finally relax and lay low until his long ride back to the city, in the room you can see him counting his earnings and celebrating. 

The second song released Dolla Signs….

                      It is a special one to me, old school feel, a genuine vibe that combine well with the lyrics and a need to express honesty. This is a feel good song the inspiration came from keeping it simple but in the times to provide related content for the viewer and to create a happy buzz that can fill your mind with ease.  This song reminds us that even when we are up we must be grounded to where we come from and let that be the force that guides us for the future. We cant forget who we are as we move forward but understand that we do change and as we go through life we should stay growing and than we can guarantee that we will supersede our struggles. Most of Gotchi’s music is made in a serious state of mind with some melodic sounds also that you can vibe to, in this case this song was mostly made out of pure fun and just to create a work of art that can uplift and put you in a good mood. The song was recorded as a demo and had delay on it by accident that created a new melody and it came out sounding different than I had imagined it so I had used that new found sound to continue onto the final product. enjoy. 

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