A New Vibe in Rock N Roll

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Rock N Roll will always be but it needs a shake up every now and then. DAR.RA is giving it a NEW VIBE, a retro flavoured infusion with Electronica! Not fazed by the lack of mainstream attention DAR.RA is free to explore deeper subjects and meanings that are relevant to a plethora of peoples that some artists are afraid to touch. From social justice, the environment to Animal charities the core of his music is deep and personal, deep driven beats, poignant lyrics that sends a message all wrapped up in a sweet-sounding rock-dance-soul electronic rhythmical experience. 


From the Emerald Isle now living in the English Country side DAR. RA not only takes on musical exercersions  but also his an author of several books. He takes the metaphorical subway to his creative destinations, as in his words, “It’s a safer place to create on the underground.” Setting up Kusha Deep Records in 2003, after a second tour of Australia and New Zealand, it was clear that, if you did not do it for yourself, no one else would come to the rescue and release music that didn’t fit in with the Swedish pop writing factory sound, or the X-factor machine that did nothing, but to devalue music even more than Napster had already. 

Now fast forward to 2019, and it’s even more clear that this decision was right. For more information on DAR.RA and Kusha Deep Records please visit www.kushadeep.co.uk  


His Latest song Diamonds In The Shadows to be best put by DAR.RA himself…”touches on the struggle for people to step out of the everyday confines that we become chained too in order to fit into the stereotype that society expects of us. We fall into a kind of lab experiment where we are tested by the powers that be to conform to whatever we are told to do. Diamonds is about not allowing our true essence to be worn away and urges the Subconscious to rise from its slumber and shine as we are supposed to. To go beyond limiting thinking and create miracles from ideas to save the planet to healing sickness to living long and fulfilling lives that leave behind an amazing trial of mindblowing achievements   


You can stream the new song on all Streaming services and various Playlists also by listening to onlyrockradio.com or by ticking here  (new song link coming soon)  

Listen to all his music via https://open.spotify.com/artist/4ylWxjm90yeGKeIIaSO0wL


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Make sure and Watch the music video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOk0dZzOiIs 


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Retro Flavoured Alt POP/ROCK



The Impersonators have done it again with their new song Sad Cafe, Tommi and Janne put forth a melodious union of Alternative POP and Vintage Rock that gives the grace of POP songs from the 70’s and 80’s.  Hailing from Finland The Impersonators are on the way to becoming the biggest band ever to come out of Finland!

Sad Café” is an up-yours pop/rock song directed at all the selfish and narcissistic people of this planet. Written by Tikka and Autio with a little help from Tommi’s wife Elina Suominen, its purpose is to remind everyone who’s in a bad relationship to get out while they still have the energy, resolve and self-confidence to do it. People do not change. A selfish person will remain selfish; a narcissistic individual will remain narcissistic. These are personality types that are not only mean and inconsiderate, they are better at taking than they are at giving. As a result, they traumatise others – sometimes for life without truly ever having to face any consequences for their actions.

Produced by Janne Saksa and Tommi Tikka, “Sad Café” is by far The Impersonators’ funkiest cut that celebrates the rhythmic and guitar-driven rock of the late seventies. It features all the familiar trademarks of the group: poignant lyrics, emotive music and multi-layered vocal harmonies.

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The Hostess with the mostess….

The incomparable Miss BeBe Sweetbriar is pleased to announce that she will be the Entertainment Host for the NEW sponsored International talk show, “FIRE with Wanyee Leonard”, airing this Spring 2019 on 5 channels on Firestick and Roku through the BIGSTAR.tv brands.  BeBe will join the innovative talk show’s lead , Wanyee Leonard Presents alongside Inspiration Sara Anders and Relationships Allan Carter co-hosts. The team is currently in a National Search for the Fitness Host to complete the show’s FIRE!


BeBe is one busy bee from the show coming up to her regular hosting duties around SF Bay Area and in the Studio working on NEW MUSIC. Make sure and listen to all her hits on Spotify and other Streaming Services  https://open.spotify.com/artist/7oOfB4znEUv2rq1HXe2uAm


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DANiiVORY … new Dance Pop Sensation



Get ready for the New Dance POP sensation from DANiiVORY “Little White Lie” this new song will take on a melodic experience of amazing vocals mixed in a Indie-Dream-Soul-Pop mash up!  This energetic follow up to her first Hit exudes how sisters are doing it for themselves in the Music Biz; the way she hits the  ranges with harmonies that add the right layers to the exact right places gives listeners something fresh that they can dance and jam to. DANiiVORY’s new song Little White Lie will strike a chord musically in a way that few artists vocals do, it will be electrifying


DANiiVORY  hails from Pittsburgh,  PA and is now in Nashville TN where she lives with her husband and new baby. Her abilities as a  singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist are unmatched in comparison to some other artist out there. With her brilliant musical talents her resume is quite impressive, with  having played for several of the today’s top artists in the music industry Beyonce, Imagine Dragons, 2NE1, Rhye just to Name a few. Dani is now undertaking her own original music. Taking  Influence by her vast array of musical tastes from RNB, soul, Pop Dance and EDM her first hit BLACKOUT from the upcoming album, DREAMLAND, set for release in 2019.

About her current HIT:  Riding high on multiple charts…”Blackout” touches on a very delicate battle between the subconscious and conscious states of mind, which is brought to life in the elemental music video that accompanies the song. Laced with acoustic and electronic instruments, the hip-hop influenced beat provides a perfect musical bed for DANi’s catchy melodies to shine over. Produced by David Moon and DANiiVORY, “Blackout’ is the first new music released from DANiiVORY since her single, Slippen, in 2015.

For more information, please visit http://www.daniivory.com

You can hear her current hit on all Steaming Services and by ticking the Spotify link https://open.spotify.com/track/1zdLhigjwJmXccw7wcvOZo

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Put A Little Soul in your….



Put a little Soul in your Dance! With the Old School, Washington DC style Soul infused  RnB/Dance mashup legendary singer Marc Staggers soars to the Top Of The Pops, you’;; do The Stroll down the Soul Train Line! With a repertoire of hits like  “Bring It Home To Me”, “Keep Those Fires Burning”, and “Let Me Be The One” written by the talented Nigel Lowis on DSG Records, Marc Staggers returns to the Scene with this solid hit duet dance tune “I’ll Do Anything For You” that is sure to fill the dance floors.  This song features the incredible talent of Ms. Nia Simmons, who in her own right has made her mark as a phenomenal female vocalist.

”I’ll Do Anything For You” was written by Reginald Staggers and Marc Staggers and Produced by Reginald Staggers. This hit song and the upcoming long-awaited CD “Let’s Go Out Tonight” are a solid collaboration between the two brothers that had been long dream of their late father, John H. Staggers.  Marc and Reginald describe their collaborative musical journey as one they felt elevated their music to another level.  In their words “they are elated with the new CD and are hopeful that the soul lovers worldwide will embrace the new music and feel the passion that was put forth to produce this album!”

Check his song out on all Streaming Services including Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/5NcK34V6cAFkAWcsh9OpTV

DJ’s can get the song from Starfleet Music Record Pool, radio, internet and music podcast enquiries can be directed to this PR firm or Marc directly https://www.starfleetmusic.com/record_pool/

Look for the launch of the album both Digital and Hard copy CD Let’s Go Out To Night” on 12 February 2019.  You can find all the Music via  iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby…everywhere!

A bit of Marc’s background… He started singing in the church choir and studied voice as he was growing up. His initial foray into music started with the release of several gospel albums, on which he worked with talented singers such as the late Clifton Dyson. During his college years, he also studied music with an emphasis on voice, and after graduating college, Staggers continued to study voice under the direction of the world-renowned soprano, Nelda Ormond, under whom he began to recognise his true singing talent, and Ormond was pivotal in helping Marc gain the confidence he needed to pursue a singing career.With  four albums to date, the last being the 2015, ”Dream Catcher” set on Ralph Tee’s Expansion records which contained, ”Bring Me Back” that appeared in the higher regions of the Soul charts. If it was not for creativity and success of,” Bring It Home To Me”, Marc Staggers was ready to give up singing and change his profession, so he is very grateful to you for making his last single the success that it was.

Make sure to check out Marc via https://www.reverbnation.com/marcstaggers2

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A new twist on Hip Hop rNB



A Hip Hop, Rap, RnB flavoured with edm musical encounter from Kenny Orlando.  With a score of numerous  hits with such as  “Simply I” in 2015, “Submission” in 2016 & “Out Here Kenny has now teamed up with DJ Producer Manny at Audio Assembly to produce this Break OUT hit  WHAT IF  ~ This CROSSOVER dance hit will electrify the dance floor! We’re  going to see good things happen for Kenny Orlando in 2019.

Some of his background…. Kenny Orlando, a rising voice in the New York Rap scene with the ability to communicate with others through lyrics and beats which became a passion and an art form and has brought Kenny into the forefront of the underground NY rap scene, spreading his positive message. With driving beats and melodies with Lyrical stylings of MF Doom combined with the beat production of Clams Casino wrapped in a swirl of Electronica, allows Kenny to put forward consistent messages with rap as an extension of his values.From innovative and vanguard lyrics to performances and styles, the music’s speaking for itself and people are listening

“At the core, we all really know we just want to be content and thriving” – Kenny Orlando  

Watch the Music Video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lnBycPCMak

Listen on Spotify  https://open.spotify.com/search/results/kenny%20orlando%20what%20if

Taking Country Music To New Heights!



Joining the ranks of amazing female country singers is Lauren Faye Moss!  This stunning actress, performer and celebrity impersonators is set to debut her first Country Music album. Hailing from the UK she is taking country music to it’s heart, Lauren is leading the UK Country Music Explosion! She as a very British take drawing from life experiences and personal struggles, Country isn’t about Stetsons and cowboys, it is simply about storytelling.”

Abit about Lauren~  Known as Little Miss Versatile ‘ has been singing and performing since the young age of 4 . Lauren originally began studying musical theatre and acting in North UK , and London , performing  in many prestigious West end venues to include , The Royal Albert Hall , The London Palladium , and Her Majesty’s  Theatre. She was whittled down to the final 20 girls, out of the 100, 000 applicants,  on Lord Andrew Lloyd Webbers BBC hit show , ‘HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE MARIA ‘  , starring John Barrowman , and Graham Norton ,  and performed live in  Lloyd Webbers personal theatre in his home .This lady has worked in studios , and as a live backing vocalist around the world, for artists such as Donny Osmond, Peter Kay , The Spice Girls , Nicole Sherzinger, Gary Barlow and many more .
Lauren-Faye spent a lot of time out in Miami , USA a couple of years ago , working with some big names in the industry to include Betty Wright, and Olivia Newton John . This gave Lauren the tools she needed to bring out her ability to write songs , as she had written a little since being at school .

Lauren is an ambassador for people with disabilities and enjoys getting involved with any charities .  At the age of 7 , Lauren began with a lot of pain , and was incapable of carrying day to day activities out.  She was later diagnosed with a fatal disease in her hips , and was rushed into hospital to have major surgery.  She was wheelchair bound for a long time, and the drawn out experience from the age of 7 and 17 left her unhealthy  and mentally scarred, due to being immobile and in tremendous pain .Lauren couldn’t go out and play like other children, or continue her dancing.  She couldn’t even dress herself for a long time , due to her pain , and suffered at the hands of bullies.  Her hips were pinned back into place , and she began the recovery process up until she became a teen . Lauren, being unable to be active struggled with being overweight, and eventually at the age of 22 , lost 130 pounds (9 stone) . Now , Lauren has her right  hip fully replaced , and is awaiting her left hip replacement in January 2019 .

Lauren-faye-Moss is set to release her debut country  single , ‘HOME ‘ throughout December.

Check out the snippet  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVh_GfNK23I

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On Instagram https://www.instagram.com/laurenfayemossmusic/?hl=en

and of course http://laurenfayemoss.com/



Let the beat control your Body!

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Berkhouse Snyder give you those Electronic Dance Beats~ The 2 guys from Harrisburg PA give you melodic synth pop Hi NRG remixes with techno base, dance club disco infused rhythms and moody vocals. It’s a cornucopia of sounds that take over your body, a Retro Future style that exudes throughout their projects and the artists they work with on their label 1333 Productions. BerkhouseSnyder are  Charles Robert Berkhouse and Barry Allen Snyder, Charles runs the label and Barry creates all of the art for the releases and promo material

Best put in their own words..this is how it all began: “After we had met, Barry and I started doing web site development along with producing electronic music. We would share our productions with people and they would encourage us to try to get our music out there. But, there was one problem, we didn’t like our vocals (of course, it’s our sound now)! So, we started designing our own website to feature our music but the problem was that this was still when there were dial up modems and it was extremely slow to load up the music and graphics. The other problem is that the people we were doing the other websites for (digital daytona and try orlando dot com) were not paying us and kept changing the deliverables. Anyway, we soon stopped doing websites for other people.

We got in to promoting the music a little and one of our early songs with Lori, The Things You Barely Said, ended up on a promotional CD and the next thing is it started showing up on the DJ charts! We didn’t even try to make this happen, it just did. So we continued to do music with my cousin, Dennis, and a female vocalist, Lori. We had some successes, music choice was playing a small amount of our stuff and the clubs in Harrisburg too. When everything kind of went away in working with Dennis and Lori, we auditioned Katie (who was doing theatre with Dennis) We even auditioned other vocalists, that was an experience!”  More Info please tic the website

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check them out on https://m.soundcloud.com/berkhouse-snyder


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You Are A Effigy~


The 60’s inspired Alt Pop Rock of the Impersonators duo Tommi Tikka and Antti Autio, supported by producer Janne Saksa, write tunes that will remind you of Chad & Jeremy infused with the Beatles … but with a that current twist. The Retro sound is hot and they add fodder to the fire~!

You’ll want an Effigy with The Impersonators it’s  a captivating four minutes of music filled with dark and menacing subtext. Throughout the new single, The Impersonators will navigate you through  an unnerving concoction of moody sound effects and unholy instrumentation to craft a song that will crawl beneath your skin and stay there for weeks.

You can listen to the song here https://open.spotify.com/track/2PToHIS4Xy66RNTBFocOLZ

Make sure you watch the Music Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgdAO7Ndp-o

See what’s on with the band  https://www.facebook.com/ImpersonatorsBand/



Old School QUEEN E~



Old Skoo QueenE!   A Retired government office worker turned Singer-Songwriter out of Washington, DC.  Giving you that DC based GO-GO music sound~ She will remind you the great RnB Soul singers like Patti and Aretha!

She is a Poet and Songwriter that has written songs in the past for others. QueenE acquired her talent from her late R&B/Gospel Bass Singer Father who once sung with DC’s Doo Wop group called Glow Tones and her Gospel Singer Mother who sung and travelled around with a professional D.C. Gospel Choir called Jubilee Majestic directed by Kirdell Minor. And it is the very reason why she took her then 88 year old mother into the studio with her to cut the first track called “Victory Is Mine” to open and be the first song on the album in order of steps and to give God the glory and praise that adds the Gospel genre.

Make sure and listen to her on Spotify


Queen E brings a positive messages of love and camaraderie to music with the added Go-Go flavoured beats from the East Coast side of town. She wants to shine the spotlight on the Washington D.C. area to show that there is talent here that has been brewing since the early days 1970’s when she was a teenager screaming for Stacey Lattisaw, Chuck Brown and Marvin Gaye, Blackbirds, Johnny Gill and Back Yard Band to name a few. Find out more on her Official Website   https://www.oldskoolqueene.com/


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Watch on YouTubube \ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmw26STbDWe56e4NHxaw26w