Openly gay,  outspoken GLBT rights Actor BRUCE L HART, star of hit webseries  OLD DOGS  NEW TRICKS  and the new FEATURE GAY FILM ..OPEN which is currently making rounds on the FILM FEST CIRCUIT, available soon on streaming for the masses.
Co-staring in the film are  HOMO HONEY   everyone’s favourite fag hag from the EATING OUT SERIES   Rebekah Kochan   and  Bromo bud   Dante Rusciolelli
A brief bio……He was born in Michigan and relocated to Los Angeles where he began his career on television. Bruce is best known for his roles in feature films such as “Saltwater” also starring Ian Roberts and “Homewrecker” also starring Dylan Vox and Rebekah Kochan which spoofs the genre of melodramatic Lifetime Channel movies but with a gay twist. The latter film was also co-written and executive produced by Hart. In 2007 Bruce appeared the award winning film on gay bashing “The Reckoning” in and was cited by the Life Affirmation Association for his strong portrayal as the abducted

​, victimised ​

 leader of a fictional Gay & Lesbian Cent

​re ​

. The tale coincidentally paralleled his own experience with violence when he was assaulted on the streets of Los Angeles and suffered severe head injuries and paralysis of his right arm. Both injuries he overcame after surgery and intense physical therapy.



 also known for his roles in two series. In “Boystown” a Canadian TV series he plays the villain Stuart who stirs up heaps of trouble. In “Old Dogs and New Tricks” a web series he plays the bitchy “frenemy” Nelson Van Eddy.

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Things Are Heating UP with BeBe…


Things KEEP HEATING UP!~  TOP OF THE POPS chanteuse BeBe SweetBriar is gearing up for her NEW DANCE SONG  UNITY set to drop just in time for the SUMMER and PRIDE Season.  With the talents of TOP DJ/REMIXER/Producers  KNIFE & FORK and  Leo Frappier,  the wickedly brilliant vocal Prowess of BeBe  culminates  into a Fierceness  that has NEVER sounded so BRILLIANT!   Get Set to DANCE the Summer Away with the album poised to be THE DANCE ANTHEM ALBUM of SUMMER 17.

Her current hit  I WANTCHU BACK is STILL burning up the dance floors and topping the CHARTS around the GLOBE.  DJS  go to  www, for the tune… everyone else listen to it via SPOTIFY

See what’s on with THE MOST NOTABLE DRAG QUEEN  check out her website and follow her on #TWITTER and #INSTAGRAM   /

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Stay tuned for the OFFICIAL LAUNCH DATE …..

What in World? The REAL Ron Jeremy has been hijacked!

BREAKING NEWS……..Dante Rusciolelli is the owner of  Golden Artists Entertainment and the OFFICIAL manger of  the Porn star and American Icon Ron Jeremy.
Several years ago  ago a guy named Mike Esterman who books celebrities for events started up twitter and other social media for Ron. Then he stopped using it for Ron and only used it for himself. He stopped promoting where Ron would be unless Mike booked it or got a cut. He used the site to get people to send Ron free stuff that Mike would keep. He would shut down the accounts for days at a time.
Last week he shut down the accounts from April 24th until May 4th Ron and Dante  immediately started new social media. DANTE and GOLDEN ARTIST then created @legendronjeremy. they  took pictures and video of Ron talking about the new twitter being his. Along with filling out tonnes of  of paperwork with twitter to try to get the phone @realronjeremy account shut down or better yet, given back to Ron. Dante and Ron  even sent Twitter pictures of Ron with his passport, drivers license and trademark.
Today Mike Esterman had Rons new account suspended. WHAT? This probably happened fast because he is running Rons VERIFIED account. Not cool Twitter!
Bottom line is Ron Jeremy is being impersonated at a verified twitter. If that was happening to Kim Kardashian this would have been handled immediately. Ron wants control of @realronjeremy or he wants it shut down. Now!

Enquires can be sent to   Ron’s Mngt or  Ron’s PR agent

Dante RusciolelliDante ComedianDante StarrDante RusciolelliDante RusciolelliJay Dante RusciolelliRebekah KochanRebekahKochan TheComic

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The NEW Ron Jeremy Twitter!

After a bunch of mishegoss  and getting  shafted around  (insert porn pun)  the PORN ICON  himself..  the BIG MEMBER  RON JEREMY  has a BRAND NEW TWITTER!  This is the only OFFICIAL TWITTER of RON JEREMY @legendRonjeremy   #follow him to see #WHATSON  with this multi talented legend.    For bookings  of ANY TYPE  his ONLY OFFICIAL MANGER is his GOOD FRIEND of many years, DANTE the COMIC of GOLDEN ARTIST ENTERTAINMENT.  Tic the link to get in touch

From  his FAMOUS ACTING roles, cameos in just about everything  (second only to Stan Lee #StanLee)  his OWN LINE of RUM his is also a very funny, rather cheeky COMIC.  See his #Youtube clip

In cast you’ve been living under a rock your whole life  here is a link to #RONJEREMYs #WIKIPEDIA page  so you can read up on the #PORN  #ACTING #LEGEND #ICON