EDM Artist Kim Cameron ON Amazon Prime

TOP Dance EDM charting artist Kim Cameron has come to Amazon Prime… The Amazon Prime movie is about the Carpe Musicam tour to Xiamen, China!  It took place last summer and includes footage from before the sound check, the full concert and the after party.  This exclusive behind the scenes look is narrated by Kim herself, this short film runs 45 minutes so fans new and old can see everything that goes in and on with a concert!

Catch the IMDb preview https://pro.imdb.com/title/tt10932306?s=d2b7f645-7b88-87ac-1012-1cd63d078e9a

You can catch the Concert Film on other streaming services too.. just search~

Originally from the Los Angeles area, Kim Cameron moved to a number of states in the US with her family before settling in Nebraska where she earned her college degree in broadcast journalism. Growing up, she had played the clarinet in her school orchestra and marching band as a child and eventually landed musical theatre roles and sang in choirs in her young adult years. After college, she worked as a radio personality in Lincoln, NE and later worked for information technology companies in their media departments. While continuing to work in the corporate world, she moved to Miami Beach where she began her musical path by joining a local cover band in the early 90s. For more info check out  http://sidefxband.net/about.aspx

Check out Her Latest Song


A lyrical song of contradictions with a musical electronic style to match.  Using a funk beat mixed with live Latin percussion, female vocals float on top with crazy high harmonies, a big pre chorus and hook.  The love story speaks of removing all barriers to find each other in the highest, deepest love. Perfect rhythms for high energy dance floors. Live conga’s give this track a latin dance feel.  The video was shot in Las Vegas with aerial views of the Strip, High Roller and street scenes of the city that never sleeps, playing off the song’s theme “climbing down into you.”

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More Sarah Sunday in Twenty20

Euro POP Punk Rocker Sarah Sunday is slated to come out with new music early in 2020, spending lots of time in the recording studio Sara gives old school punk rock in the style of Blondie and Siouxsie Sioux with that modern twist.  Her upcoming song INK MY SKIN promises to continue in that great retro vibe tradition. This Stylish Fashionista, who along with having an amazing vocal prowess is also a makeup artist and model. 

Her debut song “Come and Find Me” has offers a playful edge with brilliant vocal hooks, pulsating downbeat and tempo flows with that Punk Rock/New Wave core, rounding out a perfectly authentic vibe. The Remix version infused with EDM and TRANCE o produced by DJ Tycoos and DJ MBJ ran the dance and crossover charts Her follow Up “Mental Zoo” has that tempo flow accompanying  that Punk Rock/New Wave core. Mental Zoo is still topping numerous dance charts including the ones at Starfleet Music Record Pool.

Check out the songs here  

The short, sweet to the point background of Sarah and how she was discovered from her Manager/Producer and Songwriter …Dj Mbj ” I had written the music before I met Sarah,  believe it or not she was working at a Sephora near my home and I saw here, loved her look and just walked up to her and asked her if she can sing, she said yes, the rest is history..”Her love of Music comes from her father who was a very accomplished pianist,  Sarah takes enjoyment in a plethora of musical genres.   However Sarah is really drawn to and has a passion for the 80’s from music to personal style.  Her music has that retro sound that is surging, the old is new again musical inclination that scends  the scene!

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The Triple Talent…. Kenton Hall..

Triple Talented Kenton Hall author, musician and actor~  He was born in Estevan, Saskatchewan – the sunshine capital of his home country – but now lives and works in the United Kingdom where his disposition makes more sense. From 2000 until 2010 he was the lead singer and lyricist for the band ‘ist’ who released three critically acclaimed albums before breaking up due to musical amnesia. in 2015, he wrote and directed the feature film “A Dozen Summers” and in 2018, his first play “The Public Interest”. Bisection is his first full-length prose work. But watch out….  He is threatening a follow-up More music is also on the horizon for Kenton, with his first solo album, “Idiopath” – building on the themes of Bisection – currently being recorded. 

Check out Ist last album https://open.spotify.com/artist/4aYl9tULfjcptNbEjaJPT4

About the book… Bisection: Since childhood, Canadian author Kenton Hall has fought a battle with bipolar disorder. At the moment, they’re calling it a draw, but they’ve both taken the round on more than one occasion. In the interim, he also escaped a cult, became a father to twins – eventually a single father to twins – and pursued a career as a writer, actor and musician.  No one is claiming he makes things easy on himself. 

Bisection is not your average book about mental health. It is the story of one man, two children and bipolar disorder – a funny, heart-breaking, fierce and hopeful book that dares to find humour in the darkest places – and shed enough light to lift their shadows.  Imagine Douglas Adams wrote a book about mental health. Then imagine Douglas Adams was shorter and more regularly moose adjacent. That’s Bisection!    

You can find the book on Amazon and other book selling sites.


Country POP ROCK.. introducing Angela Gayle!

Country POP ROCK artist Angela Gayle is following in the footsteps of Anne Murray, Olivia Newton-John, Miley Cyrus where  her vocal prowess stands out from your every day usual lick song. This singer, songwriter, actress, model puts forth music that  is full of passion and soul stirring tones. Her raw emotions are ever present throughout her lyrical storytelling that comes through as a rock ballad.  She is on the Rise to the Top of The Pops!

Her 2 songs In Her Own Words:  Have You Told Her….. is an upbeat song about a guy who was cheating on me behind my back. Then, it turns out that the girl he ended up with was worse of a cheater than him. Anyway, after we broke up, while he was with this girl, he was still calling me, trying to get back together. So, the song is kind of telling that story.  Then…. Love Yourself…..is a story about my father leaving when I was very young and my mother taught me not to seek love from men, but to learn to love myself and it would find me. Then as an adult, I met a man that was bad for me and because of what my mother taught me, I was able to let him go.

Angela was born in Nashville, Tennessee. She grew up in a small, rural town where she led a very humble childhood. She comes from a line of family musicians. Her mother and grandmother played instruments and were heavily involved in their church choirs. Angela’s dad played the trumpet and guitar. Angela began her music experience at the age of 4, where she began piano lessons, as well as vocal lessons. By age ten, Angela had learned how to play the flute. By the age of 13, Angela was in the studio, recording covers of some of her musical inspirations such as Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey.

Angela played piano and was a vocalist in a jazz band at age 13. The band traveled around Nashville and Memphis performing live. Throughout her high school years, Angela excelled vocally, winning various state and national singing competitions, as well as songwriting awards. Angela’s music career was coupled with formal acting lessons. She performed in various community theater projects, playing lead roles and singing.

Angela has performed as the opening act for the Professional Hockey team, the Nashville Predators, and for the NFL team, the Tennessee Titans, singing the national anthem on numerous occasions. She has also performed on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, and the Ryman Auditorium, among other places.

At age 15, Angela was discovered by a well renowned international model agency, and began work as a professional model She was also taking acting classes, attended a professional acting school, and worked in several television commercials and music videos.

Angela eventually had to take a break from the entertainment industry to continue her education. Angela graduated with a double Bachelor’s degree and then eventually went to graduate school and obtained a Doctorate degree in law. Now that Angela has completed her education, she is back on the music scene. She is a country/pop artist who writes and performs her own music.

While she plays several instruments, Angela has a focus on the piano and the guitar and is influenced and inspired by the sounds of artists such as Etta James, Patsy Cline, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, NSYNC and Jennifer Lopez, just to name a few. 

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Merry Bloody Xmas!

From British purveyor of retro faux horror soundtracks Kish Kollektiv, comes a new Yuletide release…

It’s amazing how many people see Christmas as a nightmare that must be endured, even without supernatural shenanigans, serial killers and marauding gremlins – tense encounters with in-laws, disruption to one’s routine, the stress of coordinating social and family events and sky-high costs have a horror all of their own. 

In the Northern Hemisphere at least, it can be quite an eerie time of year…short days and long nights, frost glistening in cold moonlight, snow covered landscapes…or more typically in the damp and dreary UK, endless periods of gloom, overcast skies, mist and drizzle…

There’s a tradition of festive-themed horror fiction, at least dating back to the Victorian era and Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol” but it was perhaps in the last few decades of the 20th century that Christmas-themed tales of terror really came into their own on the big screen. 

It was mainly from the 1980s that I drew my inspiration for “Moonlight Slay Ride”, a time of films like “To All a Goodnight”, “Christmas Evil”, “Silent Night, Deadly night” and its sequels and (perhaps the greatest festive horror movie of the decade) “Gremlins”. It was also a time when low-budget synthesizer scores were the go-to option for independent film makers. 

See this as the main theme of a mid-80s holiday horror film that doesn’t exist in our timeline but perhaps does in the “reality next door”…

The video is available to view on YouTube:

“Moonlight Slay Ride” is available for FREE download via Bandcamp:


Merry bloody Christmas!