The PR Approach To Music

When it comes to PR the general rule is the sooner the better, it is something that I learnt back in 1992 when I was taken under the wings of Shirley McLean PR and the legendary Lynn Franks, two Icons of the PR industry. The reason behind this is multi layered you can’t just throw a song out there and tell people to listen to it, you need a build up too you want to have people full of anticipation. That build up should be at a minimum of 4-6 weeks with a new song that is about to come out, even if you don’t have a release date when you start PR that can always be put out at another date. The build up is key when it comes to upcoming music, the same applies to music videos too.

There are over 700 songs that come out every single week (along with hundreds of music videos) and that tops onto the billions of songs that are all ready out there, some just sitting there not getting any plays or any streams because people do not know they are out or do not know anything about the artist that put them out there. If people don’t know about you they are not going to want to search out your music and listen to you. Music at all stages from just out to ones from several years ago to a decade ago will be new to someone and deserves attention, but people need to know it is there. What the hell is the point of having any type of music out there if no one is going to listen to it, you may as well pull it all down and put it in the vault. That is where PR comes in, it not only keeps the song on peoples minds but the artist too that is KEY, if people know about you, about your background, about the inspiration behind your music from song to music video the more they will want to listen to the song and/or watch the music video.

It is also important to focus on the artists and the inspiration behind the song as people like that connect

The biggest mistake a musician can say is I am going to do PR inhouse aka myself there is no way an artist can on there own do the same things that a publicist can do. There are 1000 other odd artist wanting coverage in a limited amount of publications that actually give indie artist coverage without wanting pay for placement. Editor friends of mine get a minimum of 200 to 300 requests week for coverage in limited space. Publicist help navigate the rough and tough waters of blogs and magazines to help you stand out and why you should get coverage and not the other guy. Any publicist worth their salt have good relationships established with core of music and entertainment magazines to get their clients coverage. That combined with key social media posts to support will get a client coverage and create a buzz that is vital for the life of your music.

To wrap this all up PR is essential … never do it yourself… the sooner the better is better for you and your career as a musician… PR is an on going and continual process

Without Promotion Nothing Happens