The Otter Tartan Is Here! is pleased to announce the launch of the exclusive Otter Tartan!  The official name in Gaelic Breacan Dobhran was designed by the proprietor who has claim to the title Baron Of Otter;  a kilt/ tartan expert and historian whose clan bears the Otter on their Arms, Clan Balfour. The Otter Tartan is in deference to clan Balfour and it’s branches Arms along with clans and families that bear the Otter in Heraldry from Lutrell, Fullerton, MacBeath;  along with numerous others who have the Otter in their Heraldry and Clan mythology. The Tartan also pays deference to the Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Breton and Norse heraldry, mythology and Legends that include Otters, the Lochs, Streams and Sea where the Dyfrgi (Water dogs)  live and play in lore.   

The colours Black, Brown, White and Blue pay homage to the wee creatures that delight us so; and the legend of brenin dyfrgwn saith dyfrgi du. Otter king seven black otters. Found in Irish, Welsh and   Scottish legend and tales of ‘Otter Kings’ who were accompanied by seven black otters. When captured, these beasts would grant any wish in exchange for their freedom. But their skins were also prized for their ability to render a warrior invincible, and were thought to provide protection against drowning. Luckily, the Otter Kings were hard to kill, their only vulnerable point being a small point below their chin. The tartan also pays homage the whole kinship of the clans, septs, surnames associated with Otters, the love of Otters, a true Dobhran Coibhneil (Gaelic) Carennydd y Dyfrgi (Welsh)  Kindred of Otters.

A special Heraldic Arms have been created for the Tartan and the Kindred designed by Chris Onyeaghor, with the motto of  “vivet vita ad plenissimam” “Live Life To The Fullest”  which Otters do.

This Exclusive Tartan was masterly woven the Master Weaver at our Just Kilt Me “Partners In Tartan” WoodTex International.

Monies raised from the sale of the Kilt will help benefit Otter Conservation Efforts of The International Otter Survival Fund and for the Otter Habitat at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The Kilt will retail for $175.00 USD available on 

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A must to check out THE MYSTERY PLAN

A must to check out:   THE MYSTERY PLAN, who, under the leadership of JASON HERRING, pay homage to actor JC QUINN, perhaps best known for his role in ‘Vision Quest’ with Matthew Modine. Their new single ‘Ballad of JC Quinn’ was inspired by their friendship, mutual admiration and tragic death in 2000. This and the ultra cool single ‘Al Gore Rhythms’ foreshadow the band’s new ‘Zsa Zsa’ LP, their fifth to date. The single is out now  with LP to follow on April 4.  

The Mystery Plan have announced their fifth album ‘Zsa Zsa’, which will be released in early April via boutique label Ten Millimeter Omega Recordings. Ahead of this, they present the lead single ‘Ballad of JC Quinn’, following up their recently-released infectious Massive Attack-esque single Al Gore Rhythms’.

Produced by the legendary John Fryer and Jason Herring, this record also features such notable guests as Micah Gaugh (The Veldt / Apollo Heights), Ian Masters, That Guy Smitty and Snap Nation. This is not the first time The Mystery Plan has worked with Fryer, having previously collaborated on their fourth full-length release ‘Queensland Ballroom’, released in late 2017, and the ‘Electric Love’ single.

Based in Charlotte, NC, the band is comprised of Jason Herring, Amy Herring, Jeff Chester, Otis Hughes and Patty McLaughlin. Since forming in 2010, they’ve managed to release 10 EPs and LPs combined.

JC Quinn was an actor from NYC with many film and television credits, including “Barfly”, “the Abyss”, “Visionquest” and countless others. He moved to Charlotte in the late 1990s to be closer to his grandchildren. We met at a downtown watering hole called Cafe 521, owned and operated by his good friend from New York, Peter Herrero. That’s where I met JC, along with many other actors, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Bernadette Peters, etc.. They would always stop at the café when in town to visit their good friend Peter,” says Jason Herring.

“JC and I struck up a nice friendship. He was a fan of ours and would come to shows and stand right up front so we could see him. A very lovely man indeed. Sadly, JC died in Mexico while shooting a film a few years ago. I’ve always wanted to pay tribute to him, and we have finally done so with this song. The lyrics are a blend of what we would do with him now if he were still here, and iconic lines from some of his films.”

‘Zsa Zsa’ was recorded at Catalyst Recording and various local studios over a 2+ year stretch following a number of Southeast U.S. tours in promotion of the band’s ‘Queensland Ballroom’ album. This new record touches of several different styles – everything from deep mellow shoegaze and folky ambient to upbeat dancable trip-hop and electronica.

‘Zsa Zsa’ finds the quintet moving further afield of its earlier psych-folk leaning to land on something more akin to the down-tempo approach of Portishead and Zero 7, mixed with early 4AD action. That later is in no small part due to the return of band collaborator, producer John Fryer (too many A-list credits to list here), and new Mystery Plan friend Ian    Masters, former bassist-vocalist of influential British shoegazers Pale Saints.

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