The Funkiest Band Ever~Ohio Players!

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Play that funky music!  The iconic funk- disco band is back…The Ohio Players, the funkiest band ever!  With the surge in the retro sound from the 70s and 80s the masters of Funk from O-H-I-O have released RESET, which is quickly gaining on the RnB/HipHop charts, gaining on the crossover and on the way to Top Of The POPs! 


Ohio Players are an American national treasure, a band that truly broke the mould and changed the face of music forever. At their heights they produced 17 Top 40 hits, with several platinum and gold selling albums, including masterpiece songs such as ‘Skin Tight’, ‘Fire’, ‘Love Rollercoaster’ and ‘Who’d She Coo?’ For the first time in almost 30 years the original Players have been back in the studio recording the new music.

The first single to drop is called ‘Reset’ and rest assured: THE FUNK IS BACK! Mature and refined and complete with that earthy timeless signature sound that made OhioPlayers international superstars. The track is big and bold; with those incredible free form rhythms, crisp horns and opening with a screeching guitar that sets the tone perfectly for a time travelling journey back into the funk – with lyrics like “somebody lied when they said funk had died” – the Players are on a mission to bring back the time when music felt real.

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Slightly Darker Electronica


Echoing back to the days of parachute pants and the New Wave Synth beats emerges an electronica, alternative-exotica, New Wave artist ~ RENATE! Her vocal range parallels Siouxsie Sioux, Gene loves Jezebel along with other female driven iconic artist; RENATE’S vocal command is audacious full of rhythmic uncompromising sonic experimentation. Riding the fine line between post punk, dark wave and electronica all wrapped up in the retro vibe that’s sweeping the music scene.

RENATE is an independent artist that since her first EP Be Your Own Phoenix (2015) containing songs like Just Let Go and Red Tape, has made a journey from electronic power pop to a slightly darker scenery of the electronic genre. On her new single EVENT HORIZON she gets personal, raw, and uncensored.

Originating from the north of Norway she now lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, where she collaborates with a variety of producers. On her latest release she has gotten “down and dirty”, taking tighter control over the process to create just the sound she desires. 2018 looks darker now. In a good way.p

Watch her new video .. it’s very 80s

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Very 70’s..Very British.. Rock n Roll!

The classic Rock n Roll sound of the 70’s is back! Music that’s very British, very 70’s a nod back to the good old days when rock and roll mattered ! Very vintage, good fun, cool, a melodic time machine to the fun and glamour of 70’s Rock! FREEMAN is leading the way in the 70’s inspired revival ,echoing inspirations from Neil Young, Bob Dylan, America and Fleetwood Mac amongst the other greats of the decade .

His latest Album is due out in the Spring stay tuned for details…..

Along with leading the way in the NEO  classic 70s rock vibe…FREEMANs talents expand into the ARTS world…He began his love of abstract painting at school. After gathering a large following on Instagram, he recently held his first exhibition at the Palm Tree gallery, becoming ‘the highest selling artist on Portobello for 20 years. He is currently in talks with top Mayfair gallery Maddox and Delahunty Fine.  His two passions, the music and the artworks go hand in hand, one of the first paintings FREEMAN sold is also the front cover of his album ‘Truth”

To find out more about his artworks  and music please visit his official FACEBOOK PAGE  Follow on Twitter  @freemanroknroll  Additional photos and updates Checkout his 2 INSTAGRAMS @freemanrocknroll  @artbyfreeman

Take a listen to his music

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