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Bringing ELECTRONICA MUSIC to the forefront again with sounds that reminisce of Depeche Mode and Ministry it’s the synth sounds of MELODYWHORE! It’s a  Dark-moody electronic stairwell you climb starting at the bottom and building up into grand steps and canyons. The classic sounds of the 80’s and early 90’s with a TWIST! The music is never being boring, it’s Eclectic is Electric.

MELODYWHORE’S  project began around 2000 and the then signature songs “brknsoul” featuring Ana Lovelis & “a brief moment” were recorded and released. Since then, MELODYWHORE  has had  success with film scoring,  along with remixing and producing on an international scale.  This year MELODYWHORE is working on a full album with a tonne of surprises in store. STAY TUNED for details on the album, IN THE meantime a few singles will be released as a buildup to the album release.

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New SynthWave Duo NEW ARCADES


Talk about POP music!  Feel it in your bones! London (UK) based duo Adam Sullivan and Dean Canty of the Synth wave, Electronic driven band NEW ARCADES bring up nostalgic memories of Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Erasure and early Ministry, but with their own twist. Driving base, dynamic beats driven with that vintage synth sound accompanied with vocal prowess of soaring deep emotion living in the moment. These London Lads are on the way to becoming Top of the Pops with songs that make you think of blue skies, urban nightlife and hazy sunrises. Music that won’t disappoint the ears and having you dancing in the streets and the sheets!

Since 2016 Adam and Dean have put harmonious electro synth 80’s cinema and vintage compositions from FIND A WAY, FROM THE DARK, to their latest song FADE. Find their music on all streaming services from ITunes to Spotify, DJS will be able to get their tracks soon via STARFLEET MUSIC RECORD POOL.

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