PEACE “It’s A Long Time Comin’ ” Day 20/1/21

Peace It’s A Long Time Comin… The Global Event  20 January 2021 at 12:01 pm 

With the deep division that is going on in the USA and around the globe the first release from the NEW CHISOUND MUSIC GROUP, aptly titled “PEACE” is setting in motion The Global Event “Peace It’s Been A Long Time Comin’ Day” for 20 January 2021.  A step off for a rallying point for a truly essential global movement that launches at 12:01 pm EST when President Elect Joe Biden officially takes office.  

The Band is asking everyone to take part at the time by streaming the song or via the lyric video.  Help spread the word too on Social Media with the hashtag #PeaceDay  #GivePeaceAchance on Twitter and on Instagram giving the “Peace Sign” along with the hashtag. The song is available on all streaming platforms and retail outlets. 

The accompanying music video by Producer Garrick Redmond helps convey the importance and urgance of the song  PEACE and Peace It’s a Long time Comin’ Day.   You can view the Music Video at the following link.

The anthem of “Peace It’s  A Long Time Comin’ Day” is from singer/songwriter and producer Guy Daniel of the Guy Daniel  Vastola Organization  … the (GDVO) featuring the iconic and legendary Chi Lites, with the vocals of Reggae Pioneer Denroy Morgan. The song PEACE was recorded  between City Lights Recording Studios  New Jersey and Chicago and written by newcomer Guy Daniel.  Hailing from New Jersey, he has spent countless hours with legends in his New Jersey recording studio  learning his craft of songwriting. He comes  to you in his debut single with none other than Soulful Chi Lites and Rastafarian, Denroy Morgan to spread the message of global peace. 

The Chi-Lites fame came during the early 1970s. They scored eleven Top Ten R&B hits from 1969 to 1974.  They also charted 21 songs in the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Chart, You can find more information on this iconic musical group via their wikipedia link

Denroy had started in the 1970s and created the Black Eagles, a reggae band in New York City in 1974 with Devon “Igo Levi” Foster and Llewellyn “Jah T” Breadwood. The Black Eagles won the New York Reggae Music Festival in 1977, beginning Denroy’s rise to fame that continued into the early 1980s. In 1981, Morgan had his most successful release with “I’ll Do Anything For You”, which featured musical backing from the Black Eagles and peaked at number nine on the American soul chart.[“I’ll Do Anything For You” also peaked at number seven on the dance charts. These successes helped to launch his solo reggae career.

Stick around for this journey into pop blue-eyed soul, that has been graced with some of the industry’s  most iconic  producers and musicians. Stick around with The GDVO… You won’t be disappointed.  

DJ’s  and organisers  can request a copy of the song by contacting the publicist or CHISOUND MUSIC GROUP via email or

Follow on social media for all updates @I_PR_THINGS  and @The_GDVO 

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