New Record Label launches amid Global Pandemic

BGA Music has launched to offer independent musicians and labels a means of getting music out that is available to the major labels. Teaming up with LRT Music, who has been in the business since 2006, artists and labels signed with BGA Music will have their music and music videos distributed by the largest distribution network out there, INgrooves/Universal Music Group.  

Launched as the distro arm of Al Geiner PR, a PR firm in the business since 1992, returns the founder to his music industry roots which began in 1985 in a New Wave band in High school, which progressed to another in 88 along with a fanzine that lasted until 1991. A 1990  trip to the UK and chance meeting on a plane with a publicist icon Shirley McLean lead to scouting talent for EMI UK which lasted until the move to PR in 1992. Still keeping to music roots working A&R for an indie label and djing as well as becoming a top music publicist. 

With 30 years experience in the music business backing BGA Music/LRT Music is the affordable way for music to get out, it’s all about the artist where they keep all the royalties.  Being part of the worlds largest distribution network music gets on to every streaming platform, every online retail outlet and more; Music videos get their own music channel on  VEVO and placed on Vidzone which broadcasts on Playstaion. That’s just the start:

  • The largest independent music distribution network on the planet, placement in every online retail outlet, streaming network, playlists and more. Music 
  • Videos are distributed to VEVO and VidZone which is on Playstation, those two avenues reach more people than Youtube alone.
  • Artists/Labels keep 100 percent of the royalties that come into BGA Music, reports are every month starting at month two, payouts are at $550 starting at month two
  • With VEVO- Vevo delivers a small fee to you per play. As part of the BGA service, you will keep 100% off this payout. If fans are watching your videos directly from, they will have the option to purchase the track through a digital store, such as iTunes, giving you even more opportunity to earn revenue.
  • The VidZone catalogue encompasses over 1.5 million tracks, 45,000 music videos and 15,000 realtones, including full access to catalogues from the Universal Music Group, Warner Music, Sony Music and EMI
  • You get your own VEVO channel if you have one we can link to it 
  • It takes about 4 weeks to get everything into the system, sometimes it is  less. 
  • Release dates need to be a minimum of 4 weeks out from submission 
  • Once everything is uploaded you will get a screenshot 
  • Basic PR comes with the package:  press release sent out to 10 key music and entertainment magazines/blogs;  key social media posts on instagram and twitter using strategic hashtags for maximum effects   3 months per artist (if label the label is included in the press release and posts)  PR can be extended another 3 to 6 months  to include interviews and continual presence PR  (PR is a continual and ongoing process, slow and steady wins the race to help maintain and garner interest in a song/artists)
  • additionally you get your music video on JDtv on which streams online, Roku and Samsung+
  • Music submission to only rock radio that plays all genres 
  • On 5 key organic playlists 

All genres of music are welcome to submit for distribution on BGA Music, all packages include Music Video submission, there is an option to do services ala carte as well and there are discounts for labels.  Email with enquiries