The films that never were and the movie soundtracks that could have been… 

The films that never were and the movie soundtracks that could have been… 

Everybody loves a classic ‘70s/‘80s horror thriller flick and often the low-budget soundtracks that went with such movies took on a notoriety of their own. Try to imagine “Halloween” without Carpenter and Howarth’s dark, pulsating synth soundscape or Romero’s “Day of the Dead” bereft of John Harrison, his trusty Prophet 5 and that Caribbean-flavoured cavalcade of bleak and beautiful music cues…  Kish Kollektiv takes you back to those golden days of synth-driven and guitar-led sonic backdrops and eerie “sound design” style pieces. The music will take your imagination on a journey; it’s a movie for the mind and the ears, keeping you on the edge of your seat about what might happen…NEXT!!! Kish Kollektiv orchestrates a musical thriller with “counterfeit” soundtrack scores where the movie can only be seen with your mind’s eye…

Dwellers 1

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Born of Italo-Celtic stock into a slowly rusting northern England in the throes of Thatcher-era de-industrialisation, the young Michele Sarto (“Mike” to those closest to him; other people just can’t pronounce the name properly) was bitten by the horror bug early. After having been “encouraged” to sit through an uncut version of Lucio Fulci’s surreal schlock masterpiece “City of the Living Dead” at the age of 6 by mischievous elder cousins, a lifelong fascination with the darker side of fiction was born. Equally haunted and excited by aftermath images of reanimated corpses, horrific “skull-crush” kills and a young woman literally vomiting out her innards, another element of that particular production was to make an indelible impression on the young Sarto; the maestro Fabio Frizzi’s masterful synthesizer-driven score.


Through the intervening decades, this enchantment with the prog rock horror scores of his distant Italian brethren never left him, perhaps the largest component of a much greater love of film and TV soundtracks in general. Always a frustrated soundtrack composer at heart, Sarto’s imagination was captured by Roger Manning (of the short-lived but legendary Jellyfish) and Brian Reitzell’s (formerly of Red Kross) project, “Logan’s Sanctuary”. This was a soundtrack score for a sequel to “Logan’s Run”…but no such film existed. It was entirely imaginary. Sarto had skirted close to such an idea as a teenage composer messing about with a Fender Strat in his bedroom, multi-tracking his own works on an ancient Pioneer cassette deck…but he simply could not conceive of a market for “film music without a film”.


Bitten by the bug anew in 2015, Sarto’s creativity was fired up by a spate of stories in the UK media about the mysterious black-eyed kids, pint-sized (apparently) demonic entities in hoodie tops imploring innocent suburbanites to allow them access to their homes…and possibly killing them when they did. By this point, technological advances and economies of scale had led to the rise of home-based “DIY” musicians crafting their work in garages and spare rooms before releasing it directly via the World Wide Web, often to small but dedicated fan bases.   Adopting the “Kish Kollektiv” moniker (an “ironic” collective of one, taking its name from a biblical city mostly for reasons of alliteration) for his new enterprise, armed with his trusty old Strat and other second-hand equipment and instruments, Sarto scored a horror film about the so-called “BEKs”, becoming simultaneously the screenwriter and director of a movie that existed only in his imagination.


“Children of the Cambion” was finally realised and released in 2018 to a certain degree of appreciation but very little in the way of sales. 


Undeterred, Sarto began his next project with considerable vigour, another imagined soundtrack born out of a simple “what if”; if the late Karl Edward Wagner’s infamous short story “Sticks” had been loosely adapted into a UK horror film (in the style of late period Hammer and Amicus) in the early 1980s, what might its low budget synth score have sounded like?

This was the “parallel universe” conceit: “Produced for UK television in 1982 by ATV,  the undeservedly obscure “Dwellers in the Earth” is a loose adaptation of the late Karl Edward Wagner’s short story “Sticks” (itself an inspiration for “The Blair Witch Project”). The film – thought lost for many years until a somewhat degraded can of film reel turned up in a private collection in Hong Kong in 2009 – has been routinely described as one of the scariest made-for-television horror movies of all time. It was directed by the late Freddie Francis and starred Robert Powell and Jenny Agutter with Michael Ironside, Ian McCullough and Linda Hayden in supporting roles.

With the kind permission of the composer’s widow, Nadezhda Mastandrea, Kish Kollektiv has painstakingly recreated Staszek Korolenko’s long lost soundtrack score for the mysterious film. The UK-based Kollektiv gratefully acknowledges Mr. Korolenko’s huge influence on its own work. The Anglo-Belarusian composer died at the age of only 43, while the master recordings of many of his scores were later destroyed when the cellar of his family home flooded in 1989.”


“Dwellers in the Earth” is available on Bandcamp, CD Baby, Amazon and a variety of other platforms from Monday June 24th.


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Drag Queen SuperGroup …A2B!

The new RetroFuture sound is HOT..Adriana Roy, Amoura Teese and BeBe Sweetbriar have teamed up to form a  Drag Queen SuperGroup …A2B! Named after the first letter in each of their names, these girls are bringing back that 90s vibe with a twist. Their debut single READ MY MIND is a rework of  If You Could Read My Mind, a double hit of the 70s and late 90s. First sung and written by Gordon Lightfoot in 1970 it skyrocketed to the Top Of The Pops, a remake was followed by Barbra Streisand in 1971 and Viola Wills  in 1980. For the film “54”, supergroup Stars on 54 with Amber, Ultra Naté and Jocelyn Enriquez came out with a dance version in 1998. Now A2B gives a hyped up RetroFuture, EDM infused version of this timeless tune, a sound created by music producers Pumpkin Spice and Bugie.. Poised to be one 0f the TOP Hits Of The Summer and beyond READ MY MIND is an anthem the will find its place on) the roster of timeless classics. 




Based in San Francisco, all three members of A2B hail originally from Northern California. BeBe Sweetbriar brings a solid recording history to the group, including founding the new record label Nothing Sweeter Than Music that has released READ MY MIND. BeBe’s collaboration with Leo Frappier and Knife & Fork, UNITY, hit the #25 spot on Billboard’s Dance Chart in 2017. Under the alternate name Jericho Rose, Amoura Teese has released several recordings since 2015. Amoura is also a very talented seamstress and designer, contributing to the groups fashionable looks.  Adriana Roy is the newest A2B member to release material, but she brings over 10 years of live singing experience in many venues in California and Nevada Their individual experiences are just as varied as their individual vocal sound, but together there is a Power of Three with A2B that cannot be denied.


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I remember long time ago  ~ REDNEX is BACK!!!!! 

I remember long time ago   Let’s Hear it again for the creators of Cotton Eye Joe~ REDNEX is BACK!!!!!   Where did they go?   NOwhere really…..


Many of the best projects are created almost entirely by accident, and Rednex is one of them. Exploding onto the pop scene with the instant party classic ‘Cotton Eye Joe’, Rednex went to #1 in fifteen countries at record speed. While Rednex is most well known for ‘Cotton Eye Joe’, they maintained their position at the top of the German singles chart for more than 25 weeks as compared to other acts over the last 40 years based on ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘Spirit of the Hawk’.

Created in Stockholm in 1992 by music producers Pat Reiniz, Jan Ericsson and Örian Öberg, one might refer to Rednex hailing from Sweden: however, this is not necessarily accurate. The trademark is producer-owned making the line-up decentralised, timeless and lacking boundaries – a key to long-term success. In fact, the initial players are no longer active in Rednex current performance.

A further secret to Rednex’s immortality is its ability to be a complete counterpoint to everything the music business stands for – the glamour, glitter, celebrity status, trend fascination and exclusivity. Almost no artist has the courage to perform in a disgusting manner by intention; however, for Rednex, this is not intention they just don’t give a shit.

With the intention of being a controversial band, the owners and producers of Rednex compiled a fake biography fooling the media into believing the band was an inbred family from Idaho. It took six months before the hoax was discovered.

In 2007, Rednex caused further controversy by becoming the first pop band to attempt selling themselves at auction. The sale price of $1.5 million was highlighted on eBay, ridiculed and frowned upon by media across the globe. No deal was reached, and the band is still for sale. Due to the current stabilisation of the music industry, the price has risen to $2.9 million.

Rednex despises and defines convention. They provoke and differ by intention. Many people can relate to this attitude, but one element that Rednex promotes is taking on challenges with togetherness and smiles. There lives some Rednex in all of us, and it probably deserves to be given more room.  


Band Highlights:


  • Played Germany’s Brandenburger Tor four times.
  • Held #1 position on German Singles Charts for 25 weeks
  • An average of 5 million plays on Spotify and YouTube per month
  • Fourteen rotating band members, meaning Rednex can perform in different countries on the same night!






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DarRa  Not only is his music a new vibe in the rock scene….

DarRa  Not only is his music a new vibe in the rock scene .. think 80’s RnR with a EDM electro twist  but each song each music Video has a message.. something to make you think and inspire. From his latest song to ones that have been out  each one has a deep meaning. The videos are akin to OLD MTV Music Video, akin to what MJ put out..more like Mini Movies, not the same lick as everyone else; from Diamond in the Shadow to the deeply emotional Heart Shaped Pill  DAR.Ra’s music will reach into your soul lyrically an visually.
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From the Emerald Isle now living in the English Country side DAR. RA not only takes on musical excursions  but also his an author of several books. He takes the metaphorical subway to his creative destinations, as in his words, “It’s a safer place to create on the underground.” Setting up Kusha Deep Records in 2003, after a second tour of Australia and New Zealand, it was clear that, if you did not do it for yourself, no one else would come to the rescue and release music that didn’t fit in with the Swedish pop writing factory sound, or the X-factor machine that did nothing, but to devalue music even more than Napster had already.

Now fast forward to 2019, and it’s even more clear that this decision was right. For more information on DAR.RA and Kusha Deep Records please visit


His Latest song Diamonds In The Shadows to be best put by DAR.RA himself…”touches on the struggle for people to step out of the everyday confines that we become chained too in order to fit into the stereotype that society expects of us. We fall into a kind of lab experiment where we are tested by the powers that be to conform to whatever we are told to do. Diamonds is about not allowing our true essence to be worn away and urges the Subconscious to rise from its slumber and shine as we are supposed to. To go beyond limiting thinking and create miracles from ideas to save the planet to healing sickness to living long and fulfilling lives that leave behind an amazing trial of mindblowing achievements  


dar.ra-both-eyes-WEB (1)




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Its a Flashback~~


Its  a flashback  to the sounds of Synth/New Wave/Dark Wave/ Progressive Music  in all its forms, an 80’s inspired Throw back flavour. Ghost Pile Records!   

“We are an independent promotional label dedicated to bring new and interesting sounds to the masses” 

 Headed by Annie and Bobby the idea came about because Bobby wanted to showcase his music onto one website, so Annie got the entire thing together and tried to make it some what more for the community  and more exposure.   Bobby is a producer and drummer and rapper with over 2o years in the field, Annie is  graphic designer and the other Half of Gravity Gun.   

 The opening rooster are Gravity Gun which are the team of Bobbie and Annie; Melodywhore; Cyber Shaman; MuysinU and Time Theif   

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Inspired by the 80s, Gravity Gun is a collaborative project featuring two people, focusing mainly on electronic and analog sounds from the era with a sci-fi post apocalyptic twist. A new face in the world of Synthwave, Gravity Gun brings a sound to your ears unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Composing of dark analog synths, and twisted distorted noise, Gravity Gun takes the term Synthwave to a whole new level, and continues to bring something new to the table with each and every release. 

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 Time Thief has come a long way from 2010. For nine years, this project has become something no one can ever explain. His music focuses primarily on experimental hip-hop, utilising analog  synthesizers to truly emphasise his songs in ways that seem impossible to replicate. Time Thief’s beats have a unique character to them that has evolved significantly over the years, accompanied with emotionally dark lyrics and clever puns, that sounds like tongue twisters, twisting into your soul. His eloquence truly stands out, and he currently continues to improve as a rapper as well as a producer 

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