You’re GAYGAF! A new way for Gay/Bi/Trans+ men to be as Gay or

You’re GAYGAF!  A new way for Gay/Bi/Trans+ men to be as Gay or Kinky as they want! The brainchild of Andy Coney wanted to build a Gay site to fill a gap that was missing with other ones.  A site where you could be as GAY as F**K without worrying about violating some antiquated Terms Of Service or being Flagged by some over-sensitive git who was offended by something they shouldn’t be offended by.  

GAYGAF is more than a place you can be Gay AF but it’s a one stop shop so to speak where you will find clothiers such as custom made Kilts, Travel Agents for that Gay AF Holiday with the boys, Pubs and Clubs, Resorts and Bath Houses, anything and everything you could possibly need. A place to show off your art or sell used underwear; promote your group or organisation to have a “chat” for that potential shag.

Site creator Andy said “I just want to see if I built what I had in mind.. I guess this is a great way to see if I did”

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It’s Great To Be Gay So Be As Gay AF!

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