Dynamic Duo of the Entertainment Biz

It’s all about the artist with Jammer Direct and KES Entertainment from music, comedy and film. With events changed for the summer and the near future due to COVID19 the Dynamic Duo of the entertainment biz have stepped up to fill the gap that is missing how artists of all levels and genres will get out on mass while keeping everyone safe. It all started with LIVE@HOME premiering on JDtv, that streams online, ROKU and Amazon FIRE TV that brought Indie Musicians into the homes of fans old and new alike in a way like never before.  During the age of social distancing numerous bands, musicians and singer songwriters have decided to self stream performances via Skype, zoom, facebook or instagram which have it’s limits on who they will reach; LIVE@HOME gives musicians the opportunity to reach that concert, or festival potential on a global basis, something most will never experience but now can. LIVE@HOME has reached a combined audience of over 25 thousand people around the globe in just 2 broadcasts. The concerts are rebroadcast on KEStv on Roku  and on JDtv on their streaming avenues continuously so lovers of indie music can experience the best the independent music scene has to offer again and again. To be part of the next LIVE@HOME  please visit 

An option for DJ’s DJ DIGTIAL TAKEOVER  has also been launched since events in Ibizza to Gay PRIDE dance parties have been cancelled. DJs’ are about to take over JammerStream MIX, the HiNRG, trance, house mix channel of jammerstream that can be heard globally on the web, mobile, HD Radio, Alexa, Alexa for Auto, GM Auto Radio, Samsung+, RoKu  and KES Radio  All with rebroadcasts With the option to add a video stream of themselves on the DECKS  This is more than your average mixshow but a full HD quality sound and sight musical dance party.  DJ’s of all levels, genres and experiences interested may send enquiries to al@jammer.direct.

The Independent Artist of all genres and levels continue to be welcomed into the Dynamic Duo of Entertainment with the launching of 2 non musical events to be on JDtv, Jammerstream and KEStv and KESradio:  COMEDY@HOME and FilmFest@HOME  honouring the talents of the independent artist.  

COMEDY@HOME, comedians from clean to cheeky are encouraged to be part of this event. Comedians have been just as hard hit as musicians in this pandemic age of social distancing, PRIDE events, festivals and fairs where a lot of book gigs and comedy clubs that have now limited seating with careful openings  are no longer an option for the near future. Comedy@HOME will allow comedians to reach that global audience and help the world heal with laughter . AS with LIVE@HOME and DJ Digital Takeover comedians performances get a QR code which links to an artist page, a link of a virtual tip jar along with social media links and website links.  UNLIKE other platforms performers with COMEDY@HOME, LIVE@HOME and DJ Digital Takeover keep all the tips and any money from merchandise sold.

The next big thing launched from the DD of Entertainment is FilmFEST@HOME  many film fests and screenings in cinemas have been set back or not a reality at this moment, filmmakers, directors and actors/actresses have no easy way to get their work seen. Netflix and other streaming services are expensive and smaller ones don’t have that reach. With JDtv streaming on numerous platforms with the combined avenue of KEStv film makers can reach an unlimited audience.  The film fest is set into several categories  GLBTQ, Drama, SciFi, Horror, Comedy, Suspense, Historical, Documentary, Animation   Each film will get a verified film page which includes info, social media links etc.  Viewers will be able to vote for their favourite in each category and overall by QR code, each category winner and overall winner  will have their films permanently on JDtv Indie Film/Series channel that is launching soon  where content providers will keep all the monies from adverts ran in conjunction with their broadcast. Interested film makers can contact al@jammer.direct

Lastly a new concept in Music and Music Video Distribution has been launched by the Dynamic Duo of Entertainment  aptly named Dynamic Duo Distribution.  If Bandcamp, the Orchard and MTV had a threesome hookup the result would be this. UNLIKE any of the aforementioned it is all about the Artist with Triple “D” where musicians/djs keep all the money they earn. With a vast combined network  in addition to the ultimate distribution service you get PR included by a 30 year music industry vetran  

  • Radio Broadcast on  Jammerstream Radio which broadcasts online, mobile, HD Radio, Alexa, Alexa for Auto, GM Auto Radio, Samsung+, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and more. Including KESradio *
  • Music Videos on JDtv that broadcast online at jammer.direct, RoKu, AmazonFire TV with more streaming services being added including Samsung+, Apple TV and just announced TiVo+   Also shown on KEStv coming to Roku  *all available to listen and view on your mobile device or tablet    *** launching soon the JD App 
  • Songs on all Jammer Direct and KES Et official Playlists
  • Song submission to over 400 playlists
  • Bandcamp style Website to sell your songs where Artists keeps all the money, also artists Can sell physical CDs, Vinyl, Cassettes and Merchandise
  • Music on all streaming services from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and more.
  • PR services that include press release, posts and interviews on over 20 music and entertainment blogs around the globe and limited social media tags and posts 
  • Verified Artist Profile  Page on https://jammer.direct
  • Inclusion in ONE Live@Home Concert Series and/or DJ Digital TakeOver broadcasts
  • Twitter @tags and posts     **Additional Services for college radio play and Vinyl, CD and Cassette production available at an additional separate fee

A&R enquiries can be directed to Al@jammer.direct or Lori @  info@kesnetwork.com 


Jammer Direct started in 2007 as an online platform featuring a media-intensive user-created profile system for independent artists. Since then it has expanded into a multi-media hub with the goal of promoting the independent and unsigned artist by utilizing a multi-platform approach using a combination of video, online magazine, radio, television, and interactive in the forms of Jammer Direct, Jammerzine, and JammerStream as well as original programming.

Jammer Direct is a multi-platform and online promotional and media company that includes video, radio, and print entities in the form of the brands Jammer Direct, JammerStream Radio, and Jammerzine.

These multiple platforms are defined as follows:

Jammer Direct is a video network consisting of a vast selection of music videos of every genre as well as live concerts, original films and documentaries, and original programming. This network now includes what is called JDTV, a television version of Jammer Direct found currently on Roku (channel link HERE), and soon to be on Amazon FireTV, Pluto TV, TubiTV, and more this year (2020).

  • Jammer Direct is also getting into original television programming and film with the TV show for independent musicians titled ‘Jammerzine’s The Week in #Indie‘ (link HERE) and films such as the Beauty in Chaos’ documentary ‘Behind The Beauty: Remixing The Chaos‘ (found on Jammer Direct HERE, as well as Amazon Prime HERE, and AppleTV HERE).   JammerStream Radio is a four-station radio network split into genres of music submitted to Jammer Direct directly from the artists, their labels, or their representation. The stations also have original content and programming. JammerStreams radio stations are also available on all online radio stream platforms (search JammerStream) as well on Amazon’s Alexa and Alexa for Auto (link HERE).  Jammerzine is an online magazine featuring daily premieres for songs, albums, and videos, as well as exclusive interviews and content.

Collectively, the brand known as Jammer Direct (Jammer Direct, JammerStream Radio, and Jammerzine) generates over 2 million unique views per month with an average stay time of between 30 and over 40 minutes for the artists that they feature (links HERE & HERE).


Al PR  operated by Alwyn Balfour-Geiner has been in the music business for over 30 years starting off in 2 New Wave bands in 85-90, a trip to the UK was a chance meeting with PR legend Shirley McLean that led him into scouting talent for EMI UK worldwide until he moved into the PR field in 1992. Other music industry avenues were associate producer, A&R rep at 2 indie record labels, and DJing in various clubs around Ohio, Michigan, and Chicago. Al is known for having a colourful approach to PR which has led him to stand out in the field. Now Part of Jammer Direct working in tandem with KES Entertainment.


KES Entertainment provides worldwide digital and US physical music and film distribution for record labels and artists. Our marketing and promotion team specialize in structuring tailored campaigns, assisting the artist with connecting to their fans, and creating new ones.

The commonality that brought these three together was the love and passion for music and how it to get it heard in the most effective way.

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