Jammer Direct & Al Geiner PR Present… At Home LIVE!

 Jammer Direct and Al Geiner PR present AT HOME LIVE! 


Broadcast Date: 25 April then on rebroadcast all day Saturday and Sunday, show will remain on Jammer Direct for rebroadcast.

New Broadcasts to debut every Fortnight …. 2 weeks 

PR and Production fee $50.00 £40 per Artist multi discount is available for mngt. labels and PR companies

With events for the Summer effectively cancelled,  first it was UMC/WMF then SXSW, Gig After Gig and Concert.  People are stuck at home and can’t go out and when they can they will have NOwhere to go for music;  musicians are frustrated there is no good way to reachout to their fans or get new ones other than conventional means. Jammer Direct and Al Geiner PR present AT HOME LIVE! 

AHL is Broadcasting self streaming performances all colluded into one place to have the most effective results. NO worries on how to reach out to one’s fanbase or to sell enough tickets at the door. In fact you can reach  more people than ever before, you can go global. There is NO need to go at it alone to try to reach the masses on your own. 

Participants will send in live recorded performances, we were thinking of live streaming but for the highest quality live recorded The show will be promoted as Live! Artists PayPal ID will be broadcast out for a “virtual tip bucket” The show will broadcast on Jammerdirect.com, their youtube channel and on Jammer Direct on ROKU TV. Both on TV and the App.  You will be able to reach more people than streaming just on Instagram, Facebook, Zoom and Tick Tox combined with those you only reach followers you already have JD reaches a base you’ve never had access to before. Channels are to be added on Amazon Fire and Samsung Plus in the near future. 

Publicity support will be timed simultaneously by Al Geiner PR so your Fans, old and new, know you’re on, a “virtual” tip bucket by streaming and  tweeting out your paypal or CashApp link, along with where to buy and stream your music. Promotions will also include bio, photos and links on the At Home Live Artists Page on JammerDirect.com the creation of an Instagram account where participating artists will have pictures, links. After broadcast a AHL Playlist will be launched which will appear on Spotify, YouTube, AppleMusic, Deezer and Soundcloud. Music will also be added to Jammer Direct Playlist 

The hashtags  #SupportTheMusic #supportIndieArtists along with #ATHOMELIVE #AHL will be used. Participants are encouraged to LIve Tweet along 

Each Slot is apox 25 minutes. Depending on the number of participants this can be a whole weekend event, slated to happen last weekend in April  since most everyone is at minimum under orders to Stay At Home for the next 30 days. And the chances of gigs, concerts getting back to normal quickly is low.  

All participants will also get  coverage in several music and entertainment blogs. By participating artists give the right of title to  video themselves and broadcast.  This event is basically a way to get out via mass exposure, and the  event will be seen across the UK, Europe and North America and China. Bands/recording artists are encouraged to promote the event on their social media accounts. 

Information that is needed:

Artist Name

Artists PayPal ID

Social Media Links

Artist Website

Artist bio

Artist Photo and Cover Art 

Links where songs can be purchased

Recording in mp4 or .movi 

(when sending photos, bio please use dropbox via email amgcpv@gmail.com)

This is the first in a series of broadcast, of At Home LIVE  This is a Game Changer on how to reach fans!

This event is organised by Al Geiner of Al Geiner PR, a publicist of 28 years before that was an independent Talent Scout for EMI Records UK. Representing some of the best independent musicians and icons of the industry. Al also have organised numerous music events and festivals including a Online Circuit Party in the early 2000’s where dj’s spun remotely into various clubs across the globe. 

Jammer Direct owned and operated by Ryan Martin,  is the NEW HOME of all Independent Music~ from Rock To EDM, Rap to Country and more all genres of Indie Music!  Check them out on www.jammerdirect.com 

Participation is open to all musicians of all genres including dj’s  enquiries should be directed to Al Geiner PR amgcpv@gmail.com or Al@jammer.direct     Limited Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities are available…..  enquiries can also be sent to the same email address.

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