An Homage to Synthwave From Vix20

No to the Mundane~ Vix20 releases an Homage to Synthwave!  Continuing their trend of pushing the envelope of their repertoire the band known for Power Pop is offering something different this time around.

Check out the song here:

Their latest release: Tron takes the train:  “Moving for a short time away from their power pop roots, Vix new track Tron Takes the train pays homage to the best of Synth wave inspired by all things retro and 1980’s. Tron  started life at Brockley towers with CJ’s synth collection and thanks to a small twist of fate was heard by the creative team at Never Pixels. Fast forward to Jan 20 it is now the sound track of the Minecraft map future city on the Xbox.  Best enjoyed loudly with shoulder pads and permed hair…. Normal Power Pop will resume shortly…

Vix20 are Gary Mills and CJ, two music industry veterans who grew so disillusioned with the state of every element of the music industry that they both walked away vowing not to return…fast forward a few years, now rejuvenated, though no less prickly about the Modern Age, they return, to quote the band themselves, “we’re hard rockers turned to the dark side of pop”. As evidenced on their single, Digital Age, their passion for power pop (don’t say ‘punk pop’ to them, it suggests too much jumping around) and dexterity with words combines to become insanely catchy 3-minute thunderbolts. Completing the  Vix line up is long time conspirators Rich Norris and Kill, with a busy year ahead the next single is planned for April and the band will appear at the International pop overthrow festival in May at the legendary Liverpool venue The Cavern.





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