Championing Mental Health…

Triple Talented Kenton Hall author, musician and actor~  He was born in Estevan, Saskatchewan – the sunshine capital of his home country – but now lives and works in the United Kingdom where his disposition makes more sense. From 2000 until 2010 he was the lead singer and lyricist for the band ‘ist’ who released three critically acclaimed albums before breaking up due to musical amnesia. in 2015, he wrote and directed the feature film “A Dozen Summers” and in 2018, his first play “The Public Interest”. Bisection is his first full-length prose work. But watch out….  He is threatening a follow-up More music is also on the horizon for Kenton, with his first solo album, “Idiopath” – building on the themes of Bisection – currently being recorded. 

About the book… Bisection: Since childhood, Canadian author Kenton Hall has fought a battle with bipolar disorder. At the moment, they’re calling it a draw, but they’ve both taken the round on more than one occasion. In the interim, he also escaped a cult, became a father to twins – eventually a single father to twins – and pursued a career as a writer, actor and musician.  No one is claiming he makes things easy on himself. 

Bisection is not your average book about mental health. It is the story of one man, two children and bipolar disorder – a funny, heart-breaking, fierce and hopeful book that dares to find humour in the darkest places – and shed enough light to lift their shadows.  Imagine Douglas Adams wrote a book about mental health. Then imagine Douglas Adams was shorter and more regularly moose adjacent. That’s Bisection!    

You can find the book on Amazon and other book selling sites.

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