Holiday Music Campaign

Tis that time of year again when Holiday Music will be “ting a ling ringing” all over so why shouldn’t your holiday tune join the rest. Yes the Holiday Music Campaign is BACK for its 10th year~   This year we are adding in a Playlist that will be on several streaming services so more people will hear your music, also to the mix is Only Rock Radio out of Spain that plays a huge plethora of music not just rock and is one of the biggest online radio stations that also Tweets OUT your twitter ID.     

Included in the fee is a press release, postings throughout the holiday season on 4 to 6 blogs including The Hype, Jammerzine and Blazing Minds so you will get some coverage,  music on the Holiday Music Playlist and Only Rock Radio; social media posts on Twitter and a few on Instagram too, all done with KEY hashtags at Key time, Strategically put of course in a timely manner. 

All types of Holiday Music is encouraged, all genres welcome,  Be it New Music just out or Old somewhere in your career that you have done. Not only is music perpetual now Holiday Music is always timeless from that old dusty album to a CD to something on you mobile streaming. Music is now more accessible than ever and what the hell is the point of having music out there if NO one is going to hear it! 

This campaign is a ONE off promo that will run starting 5 November until 1 Jan 2020. The cost of this campaign is $100  for more information on what all is needed please send enquiries to Al Geiner PR 

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