It’s a Mini Movie ..It’s a Music Video.. it’s both.. From Kish Kollektiv!!

Just in time for the upcoming Halloween season, the master of the spooky sound Kish Kollektiv returns with a new music video that could almost be seen as a short horror movie in its own right. Derived from KK’s 2018 debut release “Children of the Cambion”, this is a visual and sonic voyage through a rhythmically choreographed assemblage of original and fundamentally altered “objet trouvé” images culled from the World Wide Web, accompanied by a continuous epic-length musical sequence that could have escaped from someone’s nightmares.

Get ready for a real thriller! 

From Kish: “Back in the summer, I took the old ‘Children of the Cambion’ pieces and stitched them together (with some re-workings, variations, cross-pollinations and addition of elements that were left on the cutting room floor for various reasons) into a 38-minute long ‘suite’ that would provide an aural journey through the main themes without the stopping-and-starting. I didn’t record anything new but simply re-fashioned the old stuff into a somewhat different entity.”

Inspired by the “black-eyed children” urban legend, the “B.E.K.s Suite” is a 38 minute journey through the main musical cues from the “Children of the Cambion” faux soundtrack. Familiar elements are remixed, reinterpreted and combined in some cases while previously unreleased material that never made it into the original compositions are also interwoven, including the entire song ‘Dark Eyes’….”

The music video is on YouTube and the “B.E.K.s Suite” itself will soon be available for free download from  Bandcamp!

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