Gnarly Music From BlondeKing~


Totally Gnarly Music! The music of Blondeking is a combination of Alternative/Progressive music inspired from the late 70’s to mid 80’s; taking inspiration from some of the era’s best bands like Joy Division/New Order, Throbbing Gristle, Echo & The Bunnymen, and Nitzer Ebb.  The latest release joins the ranks of music that will stand the test of time! 

With “Intimation” Blondeking once again delves into sounds that drove the 80’s underground. Blondeking’s front-man said, “When thinking about this release and the single “Say it” in particular, I wanted to look back to the era of genre promoting pioneers like WaxTrax records and also to explore how digital sampling was shaping music. Alternative dance and industrial music were taking shape in the early to mid-1980s with bands like Ministry, Nitzer Ebb, Cabaret Voltaire, and Front 242. These bands were pushing the boundaries of what synths could do in a different way than more mainstream synths artists were doing. In the early days of all synth bands, many critics called synth music ‘light’ or ‘cheesy’. These bands proved that synths could be anti-establishment and could have a voice that screamed out just as loud as the Sex Pistols.”

A look into what’s behind the music  

Track 1: Time (Take Me Back)

This song is a totally shameless homage to the 80s. It’s filled with 80s references and an almost sad longing to go back to the era. 

Track 2: The Silent Son

A dark track about just wanting to be left alone in a crazed mind after relationship disintegrates. 

Track 3: Say It

Don’t be afraid of saying what you think. There are always those that try to thwart you. Use real truth. Though the song may seem to be political, it is not. 

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