New Single Out From The Impersonators

Rock N Roll is here to stay … with a Alternative Twist! The latest single from Finland based rockers hits the streams, their late 80’s early 90’s Progressive Rock sound distinguishes them from the usual lick you’ll hear on the Top 40 Channels. Take David Bowie, Pet Shop Boys with a dash of Blur and a splash of Blink 182~ then you get The Impersonators.

The initial inspiration for this tune came when I met this guy from Sussex, England. I did not know Sussex isn’t exactly thriving these days and he was dirt poor but blissfully happy and jazzed up about life. Then there was me, blessed with everything and still not being content. I felt slightly embarrassed. As often is the case, a song is inspired by something autobiographical and then once you start working on it, it evolves into a composite of reality and fiction. Unlike the protagonist of the song, the British guy I met was not married nor unemployed. However, the lyrics Antti provided for the verses and the middle-eight, needed the character in the song to be both of those things. I edited the bits we wrote together and painted a picture of a disappointed man, on his last legs, waving goodbye to all the mundane, trivial and hurtful issues of everyday life, saying, “You win. You can be as nasty and indifferent towards me as you want, I won’t fight back from now on but I won’t rent space in my head or heart for you anymore either. The promo shots and the video for the release were shot in a real circus tent. It was a lot of fun doing that. Antti floored everyone with his acting abilities and also, I love the single cover, doctored by Sven Klitsch, with the little circus bits in it.
Excited about how the photo turned out, I showed it to my four-year old son. He looked at it slightly worried and said, “Were you scared of standing so close to the tiger?” – “Not one bit,” I answered.”

Catch the NEW Music Video

Having previously been signed to Sony/BMG with Carmen Gray, one of Finland’s finest rock bands, Tom Tikka has formed The Impersonators, a two-man project born out their ashes designed to cut-out the politics and strife which come from the rock ‘n’ roll carnival of band life. Resolutely studio-based, The Impersonators attempt to channel the bejeweled power-pop of The Go-Betweens and the immediacy/worldliness of early R.E.M. to deliver timeless alt-pop melodies.

Comprising Tom Tikka and lyricist Antti Autio, The Impersonators are just that: a duo which masquerades as a full band and does everything it can to defy convention – whether that being their insistence on avoiding touring or their songs, which home in on the warts-and-all gnarliness of love and real life. In fact, if one were to find a common theme that runs through the group’s entire catal it would probably be how life very seldom resembles or turns out like Disney fantasies. 

Despite their poignant lyrics, The Impersonators are still a joyous and sweet proposition, with their vocal harmonies and chiming chords harking back to such 60s pop majesties as The Beatles, The Byrds and The Beach Boys. Together with their secret weapon, producer Janne Saksa, The Impersonators craft their lyrics and melodies into retro-flavoured “alternative pop/rock”. While adding a modern twist to the final soundscape, their most important goal is to nurture and cultivate the creativity, spirit, and warmth that graced the pop records of yester years.

check them out on twitter @1mpersonators

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