The Fast 5 with Neil Taylor

1. What’s your  sound?
 Rock/pop/power/enegry 70’s influenced..sometimes..Guitar driven Uk sound with very catchy tunes.

2. What inspires your music?

Passion..Being creative & always trying to write that perfect song.

3. Who are your influences? 
The music i grew up with T.Rex..Deep Purple..Slade…The Sweet..Pink Floyd..Status Quo..Mott The Hoople. I could go on..

4. What’s next? 
Album release in the US & tour of Japan in December.

5. How do we find you on Social Media?

Neil Taylor~ Most notable he was guitarist for Tears For Fears & played the iconic guitar solo on Everybody Wants To Rule The world. He was involved on the albums ‘Songs From The Bg Chair & Sowing The Seeds Of Love. Neil has had an illustrious career and went on to work with Robbie Williams for ten years. Recording the guitars on the big hits such as the solo on Rock DJ..Love Supreme.. Feel..Come Undone. Others he has shared the stage on tour and recording studio with are Tina Turner [Steamy Windows] Morrissey [Last Of The Famous International Playboys] Natalie Imbruglia, James Morrison [Undiscovered] Peter Gabriel, Rod Stewart, Jane Wiedlin [Rush Hour] Lisa Marie Presley, Heather Nova, Naked Eyes, Climie Fisher [Love Changes Everything] Van Morrison, Paul Young [Don’t Dream It’s Over]  Holly Johnson [Love Train] to name a few..Working with all these iconic artist you can only imagine Neil has some amazing stories to tell.

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