A Quick Chat with openly Gay Actor and Activist Bruce L. Hart~

  • What do you want to be when you grow up?  That’s an interesting question. As a child I wanted to be a milk man–delivering milk in the suburbs. Good thing I didn’t pursue that one! My kindergarten teacher told my mother she was sure I’d be an actor because I loved to make up skits and perform them for the class. Since I feel like I’m always growing–and growing up–my goal is simply to be part of the vast group of creative artists who write, act and produce.  
  • If someone was going to make your life into a movie, who would play you?  If we had a time machine I’d say Ron Howard. But if we’re talking present day actors I’d love to see Neal Patrick Harris play me. But honestly I haven’t lived enough yet to make any sort of an interesting story.    
  • When did you first perform? My very first “legit” role was in first grade playing a “moonster” in the musical “Cowboy on the Moon”. All I really remember of the experience was one of the stage mom’s prompting from the wings of the theatre “Remember your funny walk”!!
  • Who do you look up to (as an actor/director/etc.)?  Anyone who writes, acts and produces has my admiration. In the indie world I admire Leon Acord who created the brilliant LGBT series “Old Dogs and New Tricks” where I’m one of the cast. In the mainstream I admire Keanu Reeves. A talented carefully spoken performer who challenges himself with each new role. 
  • What’s your perfect Sunday afternoon look like?  If I’m working on a film or series then Sundays are precious because they usually are the only day where I have down time. So my Sunday would include biking around my neighborhood, reading a cool mystery novel and/or binge watching free movies on Prime.  And of course a lot of home brewed coffee and cookies.  (I LOVE cookies). 
  • When you have a five-minute break during rehearsal, what do you spend that time doing?  A real break on the set (which is rare) I would text my brother Paul and let him know how things are going. He’s a director so he’s always interested in other people’s projects. 
  • What’s the last thing you do before you step out on a set? I take a deep breath and then release it. It really helps me get into the space I need to be in before walking into the set with all of the people (crew, director, make up artist, costumer etc).  The breath helps me focus so I’m not distracted and can stay in the moment required for whatever scene we’re filming.  
  • What’s UP next for you.?  I have a new feature in development about gay fathers who are planning their daughter’s wedding. It’s a comedy with dramatic elements. Think Hallmark for LGBT and that’s the closest it will ever get to the Hallmark channel because they don’t have any LGBT stories or characters (which I find odd).  Also the series “Old Dogs and New Tricks” is planning to return with new episodes (like Will & Grace did) which is very exciting because my character Nelson the mean guy is going to return also!  
  • What’s your opinion of the current political situation in the USA?  I’m a registered Democrat. I’m very concerned about the state of democracy in our great country.  I hope the 2020 elections will bring in a qualified presidential candidate and that we can also elect sane people to congress who care about the American people. People are upset and angry and lashing out because we do not have good leadership.
  • Where can we find your films?  Just about everything I’ve appeared in with a few exceptions can be found on Prime. This includes the Canadian TV series “Boystown” I appeared in a few years back.  Last year I was the guest star on the series “Where the Bears Are” which is only available on a pay platform on YouTube.  There is also a new LGBT channel GayBingeTV and two of my films “Open” and “Homewrecker” are available on there!
  • Where can we find  you on social media?  I’m on Facebook as Bruce Hart. I have a regular page and an actor page. Easy to find–just look for my picture.  On Instagram I’m Bruce384 and on Twitter I’m
  • @BruceLHart. 

Bruce L Hart is recognizable for his many roles in television and feature films. He is best known for his feature film roles in “Saltwater” (also starring Ian Roberts), “Homewrecker” (co-starring Rebekah Kochan) and the cult comedy “The Trouble With Barry” (with Rina Riffel). In 2007 Hart appeared the award winning short film “The Reckoning” about gay bashing and was cited by the Life Affirmation Association for his strong portrayal as the abducted and victimized leader of a fictional Gay & Lesbian Center.

A frequent actor on episodic programming Hart is known for his recent roles in “Boystown” (Canadian TV series Amazon/OutTV) and the digital series “Old Dogs and New Tricks” (HULU).

In 2017 he starred in theatrical feature “Open” (Amazon) which won Best Comedy and Best Feature on the festival circuit. Hart was also nominated as “Best Actor” in the 2017 festival season. He has written and produced seven popular stage shows for the Los Angeles stage including the long running “It Started With a Lie” and “Naked Deception” (which became the feature film “Homewrecker” in 2009). These were produced through his production company VanderHart Productions which he founded in 1999. Hart most recently appeared in the TV film “Unfallen” (Michael Madsen) produced for Amazon.

He is a passionate LGBTQ rights advocate and frequently appears in LGBTQ themed productions.

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