That country road takes me to Germany….



Country road take me home to  Germany… country music expands the globe.. Rob Georg is bringing Country Music to new Heights combinding Country music with that Americana folk style infused with Rock!  Rob gives a very German take country Music, as his songs reveal it’s all about stortytelling in a way to draw people in and let them experience the lyrics on a personal level. Rob finds  a way to connect to those who hear his music. He vocal and guitar talents have av Keith Urban-esque appeal, even if you’re not a huge country music fan you’ll be taken in. Rob not only puts out country music that will draw you in but he lives the life, a former equestrian athlete he lives with his 9 dogs, 50 sheep, a herd of Angus cattle and 2 dozen horses at last count. 


His new song Sunset on the Ranch can be found here


Make sure and listen to his other country hits…


And of course WATCH the Music Video…


Behind the song  in Rob’s words… As I told you in my song “Dust,” real life on the ranch doesn’t match the romantic notion that most people get  when they think about cowboys and cowgirls and the life on the ranch. However, they do exist, these moments in everyday life that compensate for all deprivation and hard work. These are the moments with the animals, the births of lambs, calves and foals, the moments in which one is grateful to be able to work in God’s free nature and, at the end of the day, when you bring the animals their food, the most beautiful sunsets that one can hardly imagine.


 They are so memorable that I felt the urge to write a song about them. A song, that describes the uniqueness of the sunsets on the ranch in their many variations, a song which can convey their beauty in the melody and the lyrics.

It is perhaps even the most beautiful moment of the day when the sky turns red and orange and the animals become calm and prepare for the night’s rest. When you can share it with your partner and your children becomes even more beautiful and valuable. The feeling of connectedness created by a sunset experienced together is so unique and creates many beautiful memories.

Many people today do not take the time to watch the sunset and enjoy it together. Maybe my song encourages you to turn off the TV and consciously look into the sky. I would be very happy if my song could do that for you.



Make sure and follow him on social media  and his website for Exclusive behind the scene sneaky peaks

All enquries please contact Al Geiner PR 6142881660

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