I remember long time ago  ~ REDNEX is BACK!!!!! 

I remember long time ago   Let’s Hear it again for the creators of Cotton Eye Joe~ REDNEX is BACK!!!!!   Where did they go?   NOwhere really…..


Many of the best projects are created almost entirely by accident, and Rednex is one of them. Exploding onto the pop scene with the instant party classic ‘Cotton Eye Joe’, Rednex went to #1 in fifteen countries at record speed. While Rednex is most well known for ‘Cotton Eye Joe’, they maintained their position at the top of the German singles chart for more than 25 weeks as compared to other acts over the last 40 years based on ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘Spirit of the Hawk’.

Created in Stockholm in 1992 by music producers Pat Reiniz, Jan Ericsson and Örian Öberg, one might refer to Rednex hailing from Sweden: however, this is not necessarily accurate. The trademark is producer-owned making the line-up decentralised, timeless and lacking boundaries – a key to long-term success. In fact, the initial players are no longer active in Rednex current performance.

A further secret to Rednex’s immortality is its ability to be a complete counterpoint to everything the music business stands for – the glamour, glitter, celebrity status, trend fascination and exclusivity. Almost no artist has the courage to perform in a disgusting manner by intention; however, for Rednex, this is not intention they just don’t give a shit.

With the intention of being a controversial band, the owners and producers of Rednex compiled a fake biography fooling the media into believing the band was an inbred family from Idaho. It took six months before the hoax was discovered.

In 2007, Rednex caused further controversy by becoming the first pop band to attempt selling themselves at auction. The sale price of $1.5 million was highlighted on eBay, ridiculed and frowned upon by media across the globe. No deal was reached, and the band is still for sale. Due to the current stabilisation of the music industry, the price has risen to $2.9 million.

Rednex despises and defines convention. They provoke and differ by intention. Many people can relate to this attitude, but one element that Rednex promotes is taking on challenges with togetherness and smiles. There lives some Rednex in all of us, and it probably deserves to be given more room.  


Band Highlights:


  • Played Germany’s Brandenburger Tor four times.
  • Held #1 position on German Singles Charts for 25 weeks
  • An average of 5 million plays on Spotify and YouTube per month
  • Fourteen rotating band members, meaning Rednex can perform in different countries on the same night!






Official website


Nicole Mendes
Musicmaker PR


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