Its a Flashback~~


Its  a flashback  to the sounds of Synth/New Wave/Dark Wave/ Progressive Music  in all its forms, an 80’s inspired Throw back flavour. Ghost Pile Records!   

“We are an independent promotional label dedicated to bring new and interesting sounds to the masses” 

 Headed by Annie and Bobby the idea came about because Bobby wanted to showcase his music onto one website, so Annie got the entire thing together and tried to make it some what more for the community  and more exposure.   Bobby is a producer and drummer and rapper with over 2o years in the field, Annie is  graphic designer and the other Half of Gravity Gun.   

 The opening rooster are Gravity Gun which are the team of Bobbie and Annie; Melodywhore; Cyber Shaman; MuysinU and Time Theif   

 You can find out more info via 

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 Some information  on some of the Bands… 

Inspired by the 80s, Gravity Gun is a collaborative project featuring two people, focusing mainly on electronic and analog sounds from the era with a sci-fi post apocalyptic twist. A new face in the world of Synthwave, Gravity Gun brings a sound to your ears unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Composing of dark analog synths, and twisted distorted noise, Gravity Gun takes the term Synthwave to a whole new level, and continues to bring something new to the table with each and every release. 

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 Time Thief has come a long way from 2010. For nine years, this project has become something no one can ever explain. His music focuses primarily on experimental hip-hop, utilising analog  synthesizers to truly emphasise his songs in ways that seem impossible to replicate. Time Thief’s beats have a unique character to them that has evolved significantly over the years, accompanied with emotionally dark lyrics and clever puns, that sounds like tongue twisters, twisting into your soul. His eloquence truly stands out, and he currently continues to improve as a rapper as well as a producer 

Keep any eye out on social media for updates and exclusive behind the scenes sneaky peeks  

All press and PR enquiries can be sent to  Label publicist  Al Geiner PR  


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