Everybody Rock N Roll… Acclaimed singer/songwriter, one-man band Acoustic Guitarist AC (E) G t


Everybody Rock N Roll… Acclaimed singer/songwriter, oneman band Acoustic Guitarist AC (E) G takes you back to the roots of bluesy Chuck Berry Inspired rock n roll with a vibe of 70’s Stones ACDC flavour. The sounds he is able to get out of the stringed wooden instrument has resulted in a new style of rock n roll that AC(E)G has coined “REPLUGGED” it’s adding the electric guitar sound treatment to the acoustic guitar. 

 Some insights to the unique acoustic rock he creates: 

 Most of the one– man Bands are using loop stations nowadays. Of course AC(E) G tried to work with that too, but he felt like this tool was limiting him; Live, the entire sound is created without using drum samples, while on recordings he does triggering to add snare and/or bass drum sounds. But they are always layered, and just add up to the ‘drum’ sound. His first two releases (One and Dreaming-EP) are unplugged, over the past year, he has written some jazz tunes also that will give a totally different unplugged vibe than his current acoustic rock. A plethora of genres from this artist all with the acoustic gutiar. 

Wuff can best be explained in his own words about the current songs. 

Black Magic 

As i had the idea for the main riff, a Pal of mine visited me and told me that his Ex was accusing him of using Black Magic to ruin his life (seriously). So this story became the song, and the lyrics reflect what he’d told that day. The Video was done by him as i thought it might help him to handle the issue. At least it helped a little.


Everybody sometimes questions the way he’d chosen. I wrote the song after doing a gig series around here in Austria and faced the fact that most people don’t want to hear original music, but the songs they’re used to listen to when out for a drink. (a quote i heard several times in different shapes: ‘play something i know, not songs i have never heard’). While working for about 60hrs / week in my day job (at that time) plus doing music it really got me exhausted and the question ‘is there still the desire in me for what i am doing?’ came up.
In some way the song is the answer to that question, at least it’s to me. 

There are two versions of the song. The unplugged from the Album One, and the replugged version that is only available with the replugged Singles CD. It’s about the feeling of leaving home, and not being sure when to come back. It’s named Tuesday simply because it was mostly Tuesdays when i had to leave for a Tour or Trip.


Is about a relationship that really got me messed up. It’s simply about the point when i realized that we were hanging on to something that wasn’t there anymore. The real tough part about this story is that she died less than year later by cancer (it wasn’t diagnosed at the time we were together). So it went from our Goodbye to that final Goodbye. I guess i still haven’t figured out all the details on how i feel about that. 

Just Survivors 

Sometimes you work your ass of ’cause you believe in a thing, only to realize that people weren’t pulling the same strings. In the end the entire thing collapses, and only the lessons learned are left. You have to leave behind what happend, to go on, ‘caus it’s easier to travel with a light package 


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AC(E)G is the one man band composed of Wolfgang “ Wuff” Leitner was born in  Austria – Styria (about 40 miles from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s birth place) he started studying Jazz Guitar in Vienna, and working in Media business in 1998. After four years Wulf got to a point where he had to choose between having the time to study or making the money to support living. As studying without money is not really viable, the choice was an easy one. So he dropped out before getting my Master of Arts. On music / media business he stopped  in 2008 (was related to collapses happening in the business and overall, and grew tired of suing his money in) and switched to Software Development  and IT by the following year. Since that time my life has changed in various ways, but mostly by having a family. For a while that time he took a break from music, but of course played for fun. Back in 2013 a friend asked him to help out in a cover Band, and stayed with them for two years. That was the moment when the spark came to life again, and made Wolf   wanting to do music in a more serious way again. It was in late 2014 when he encountered the acoustic guitar, and the idea for AcG began to take shape..  Fun fact about the name: when driving around with a Pal and pondering about what a cool name could be,he came up with AC’s are cool (referring to the car’s AC, as it was a really hot day). As AC are the first letters to acoustic, it built the basis to the name (‘Ac’oustic ‘G’uitar).  Later on, when songs got played on Radio  hewas introduced as A.C.G. or Ace G. Of  course he liked the Ace thing, so he stuck with that. 


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