DANiiVORY … new Dance Pop Sensation



Get ready for the New Dance POP sensation from DANiiVORY “Little White Lie” this new song will take on a melodic experience of amazing vocals mixed in a Indie-Dream-Soul-Pop mash up!  This energetic follow up to her first Hit exudes how sisters are doing it for themselves in the Music Biz; the way she hits the  ranges with harmonies that add the right layers to the exact right places gives listeners something fresh that they can dance and jam to. DANiiVORY’s new song Little White Lie will strike a chord musically in a way that few artists vocals do, it will be electrifying


DANiiVORY  hails from Pittsburgh,  PA and is now in Nashville TN where she lives with her husband and new baby. Her abilities as a  singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist are unmatched in comparison to some other artist out there. With her brilliant musical talents her resume is quite impressive, with  having played for several of the today’s top artists in the music industry Beyonce, Imagine Dragons, 2NE1, Rhye just to Name a few. Dani is now undertaking her own original music. Taking  Influence by her vast array of musical tastes from RNB, soul, Pop Dance and EDM her first hit BLACKOUT from the upcoming album, DREAMLAND, set for release in 2019.

About her current HIT:  Riding high on multiple charts…”Blackout” touches on a very delicate battle between the subconscious and conscious states of mind, which is brought to life in the elemental music video that accompanies the song. Laced with acoustic and electronic instruments, the hip-hop influenced beat provides a perfect musical bed for DANi’s catchy melodies to shine over. Produced by David Moon and DANiiVORY, “Blackout’ is the first new music released from DANiiVORY since her single, Slippen, in 2015.

For more information, please visit http://www.daniivory.com

You can hear her current hit on all Steaming Services and by ticking the Spotify link https://open.spotify.com/track/1zdLhigjwJmXccw7wcvOZo

Make sure and follow her on Instagram and Twitter



All enquiries can be sent to Al Geiner PR amgcpv@gmail.com


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