Taking Country Music To New Heights!



Joining the ranks of amazing female country singers is Lauren Faye Moss!  This stunning actress, performer and celebrity impersonators is set to debut her first Country Music album. Hailing from the UK she is taking country music to it’s heart, Lauren is leading the UK Country Music Explosion! She as a very British take drawing from life experiences and personal struggles, Country isn’t about Stetsons and cowboys, it is simply about storytelling.”

Abit about Lauren~  Known as Little Miss Versatile ‘ has been singing and performing since the young age of 4 . Lauren originally began studying musical theatre and acting in North UK , and London , performing  in many prestigious West end venues to include , The Royal Albert Hall , The London Palladium , and Her Majesty’s  Theatre. She was whittled down to the final 20 girls, out of the 100, 000 applicants,  on Lord Andrew Lloyd Webbers BBC hit show , ‘HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE MARIA ‘  , starring John Barrowman , and Graham Norton ,  and performed live in  Lloyd Webbers personal theatre in his home .This lady has worked in studios , and as a live backing vocalist around the world, for artists such as Donny Osmond, Peter Kay , The Spice Girls , Nicole Sherzinger, Gary Barlow and many more .
Lauren-Faye spent a lot of time out in Miami , USA a couple of years ago , working with some big names in the industry to include Betty Wright, and Olivia Newton John . This gave Lauren the tools she needed to bring out her ability to write songs , as she had written a little since being at school .

Lauren is an ambassador for people with disabilities and enjoys getting involved with any charities .  At the age of 7 , Lauren began with a lot of pain , and was incapable of carrying day to day activities out.  She was later diagnosed with a fatal disease in her hips , and was rushed into hospital to have major surgery.  She was wheelchair bound for a long time, and the drawn out experience from the age of 7 and 17 left her unhealthy  and mentally scarred, due to being immobile and in tremendous pain .Lauren couldn’t go out and play like other children, or continue her dancing.  She couldn’t even dress herself for a long time , due to her pain , and suffered at the hands of bullies.  Her hips were pinned back into place , and she began the recovery process up until she became a teen . Lauren, being unable to be active struggled with being overweight, and eventually at the age of 22 , lost 130 pounds (9 stone) . Now , Lauren has her right  hip fully replaced , and is awaiting her left hip replacement in January 2019 .

Lauren-faye-Moss is set to release her debut country  single , ‘HOME ‘ throughout December.

Check out the snippet  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVh_GfNK23I

Follow on Twitter for the latest updates @LaurenFayeMoss1

On Instagram https://www.instagram.com/laurenfayemossmusic/?hl=en

and of course http://laurenfayemoss.com/



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