From his NEW BOOK “THE FOOD TALK  to his new segment on healthy eating on the Podcast Ally’s Attic and more!

A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Healthy Habits to Kids of All Ages!
Sanjay Raja announces his new book “The Food Talk” which is a parent’s guide to teaching healthy habits to kids of all ages. The Food Talk will show parents how to teach their young or older kids about healthy eating habits in a way they can easily understand. The book is offering parents black-and-white, concrete rules for their kids about what is “bad” and what is “good” for example, added sugar is bad and green is good. It is an approach to make the kids grasp good eating habits immediately so they can carry them as they grow. The book is available in just $31.90 and E-Book in $9.99 you will receive a signed copy only on www.TheFoodTalk.Net
With his Hot new Segment on Ally’s Attic!!  “The Food Talk with Sanjay Raja in the Attic” on Alley’s Attic Podcast – He  invited to interview on the podcast Alley’s Attic and was given his own segment on the show as the producers informed him it was one of the most downloaded episode in the history of this podcast which is amazing. The host Ally has been called the “Ellen” of Canada based on her ability to deliver great interviews and connect with her ever expanding audience and she just won producer of the year award as well; the show is listened to in the US, Canada, UK, and other countries.  A Fortnight ago…2 weeks  completed the pilot episode of my new segment called “The Food Talk” with Sanjay Raja in the Attic on an internationally listened to podcast called Alley’s Attic and  received such a tremendous response from just the pilot show that the producers expanded the segment to include interviews with authors, actors, speakers and artists as I do all the above as well.
The weekly segment will be discussing health and wellness topics, doing a live Q&A with people who follow the show. We are creating a segment to interview sponsors regarding their goods and services as well to help expand the audience as we have a number of sponsors including corporate sponsors who are looking to support the show.
Check out his Interview with Ally :
Link to Episode One of “The Food Talk” With Sanjay in the Attic:
Link to Episode Two of “The Food Talk” With Sanjay in the Attic:
Breaking!!  TV Show pilot under development called “The Food Talk” based on the book “The Food Talk” A Parents’ Guide To Teaching Healthy Habits To Kids of All Ages. A number of producers have expressed interest in developing a cooking show based on the book which will deal with the subject of educating parents and caregivers on teaching healthy eating habits to kids through a variety of different ways including cooking with kids, creative and healthy recipes kids will enjoy, and discussing relevant topics in regards children and obesity. There are also discussions with producers to potentially turn this into a travel show as well based on the concepts outlined in the book. A pilot episode will be filmed before the end of the year.
Speaking Engagements –  Sanjay has been asked to and has done a number of keynote speeches around the country based on around the concepts he has outlined in his book with more scheduled for 2018 and 2019. List of speeches include the following:
  • March 2018 Keynote Speech in San Diego on Children’s Fitness and Nutrition August
  • 2018 Keynote Speech at USO(United Stated Military Entertainment Division) in Tacoma, WA speaking to veterans regarding how to take better care of themselves in terms of nutrition fitness, personal motivation, and opportunities in the entertainment field.
  • October 6th 2018 Keynote Speech in Las Vegas, NV at a National Women’s Health and Wellness conference discussing the issue “women’s guilt” when it comes to taking care of themselves and how to alleviate that guilt through nutrition and fitness.
  • Working with Caltech in Pasadena to deliver keynote speech on health and nutrition for kids and families along with implementing key health and wellness initiatives for children and families. Along with doing cooking demos onsite for parents and kids I am scheduled to teach martial arts/self defense to their staff next year as well.
  • Working with USC in Irvine at beginning of 2019 regarding a keynote speech on women’s health along with implementing key health and wellness initiatives for adults and especially women.
  • Start of 2019 have partnered with the USO(United Stated Military Entertainment Division) to do a series of speeches at various military bases around the country to discuss health wellness for veterans who are transitioning out of the military into civilian life along with motivational talks about overcoming obstacles.
  • Example of Speaking engagement on Children’s Nutrition Fitness:
Sanjay Raja is an actor/model, public speaker, athlete, and a nutrition & fitness coach with a variety of experience in film and entertainment. Sanjay’s mission with this book is to educate caregivers and parents of children’s on proper nutrition and fitness habits. In the United States, the rate of childhood obesity is growing day by day to prevent this problem Sanjay provides a clear step by step guide on several topics including how to wean kids off sugar and how to break their sugar habits.
Sanjay is also a national and international public speaker with the ability to produce live speeches, national podcast, and radios interviews on the subject of interest.
Follow him on instagram @gobigraja
All inquiries for interviews, appearances and general inquiries please contact
Lisa Thomas, President/Owner   LRT Entertainment
Mobile 818-441-3506  Office  818-302-0110

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