Alt Pop Rock with the 60’s sound~!

The 60’s inspired Alt Pop Rock of the Impersonators duo Tommi Tikka and Antti Autio, supported by producer Janne Saksa, write tunes that will remind you of Chad & Jeremy infused with the Beatles … but with a that current twist. The Retro sound is hot and they add fodder to the fire~!
Love is delicate. It’s like snow. It can only exist in certain conditions. If the weather conditions are wrong, snow breaks and melts. Similarly, our hearts break and we lose our faith in love when our expectations are not met and our hope gets crushed. To make matters worse, the greatest tragedy in life’s shortcomings is that it is very difficult for us to see our own part in the chaos and destruction around us. Hence, the Impersonators’ new single “Broken Snow” asks, “Is my broken heart even kind?” This is a question we all should be asking ourselves at regular intervals.

Produced by Janne Saksa and Tommi Tikka, “Broken Snow” starts off mellow but evolves into a Phil Spector-like party towards the end. The track carries all the familiar trademarks of the Impersonators: poignant lyrics, emotive music and sixties-flavoured vocal harmonies.

Find the new song on all streaming services  or just tic the link here

The Music Video is out too

Find out more about these amazing musicians via Social Media just follow the links:

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