Get UP & Dance


A #SummerTime #Music  extravaganza that is a MUST to add to your #Spotify #Apple line up. Whether is for that #roadtrip #picnic #Pride #DayattheBeach or just need some music to get you on your feet~



Sharon West.… 80’s inspired Dance Music…Known for a vocal sound that really made you think you were listening to an 80s pop icon, Top of the Pops artist Sharon West is back with something totally different!  If you mashed up an 80s pop track with a Kylie Minogue dance number the result would be this new Dance Anthem ONE NIGHT, it’s electronic, toe tapping, body moving music!




Smashby Wickedly brilliant vocals with a range full of emotion, passion, a powerful seductive and stunning performance SMASHBY is making a huge impact on the Dance Music Scene! Standing out from the rest of the musical pack with his merger of Dance, Pop with a dash of Rock all smashed into one lyrical experience. SMASHBY’s sound takes you back to the core of icons he idolised growing up, the influences of George Michael, Prince, Freddie Mercury, MJ and GaGa can be heard in his vocal prowess




BeBe Sweetbriar!   BeBe is Back with a hot Disco Driven Hit!  Teaming up with super-producer Leo Frappier, on a song they wrote together called “Cleanin’ House”. The story is about kicking “that no good man out the door, and finding a new TRUE love!” This is Funk House at it’s BEST, with soulful live bass, inspired house beats and atmospheric breaks. This is a sassy yet classy track. You will not sit still once you hear



Renate!  Cheeky Raw  Unforgiving Synth…. Echoing back to the days of parachute pants and the New Wave Synth beats emerges an electronica, alternative-exotica, New Wave artist ~ RENATE!  Her vocal range parallels Siouxsie Sioux, Gene loves Jezebel along with other female driven iconic artist; RENATE’S vocal command is audacious full of rhythmic uncompromising sonic experimentation. Riding the fine line between post punk, dark wave and electronica all wrapped up in the retro vibe that’s sweeping the music scene.

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