It’s Time to be Cleanin’ House



BeBe is Back with a hot Disco Driven Hit!  Teaming up with super-producer Leo Frappier, on a song they wrote together called “Cleanin’ House”. The story is about kicking “that no good man out the door, and finding a new TRUE love!” This is Funk House at it’s BEST, with soulful live bass, inspired house beats and atmospheric breaks. This is a sassy yet classy track. You will not sit still once you hear

Follow the link to hear the song on #Spotify and #Stream it everywhere

Powerful and fierce vocals, belting out melodies that rival the Disco Divas, the Retro Sound is HOT and BeBe does NOT disappoint!  BeBe is a favourite of DJs around the globe and top charter on numerous charts including StarFleet Music Record Pool and Billboard. “Cleanin House is poised to be another smash top of the pops, top of the Charts Hit!  The Toast of The City by the Bay gracing stages around the globe… find out more about the #beesKnees herself Miss BeBe Sweetbriar via here website CATCH her on all Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

All enquiries please direct to Al Geiner PR or 6142881660


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