Cheeky, raw, and unforgiving~ Renate!



Echoing back to the days of parachute pants and the New Wave Synth beats emerges an electronica, alternative-exotica, New Wave artist ~ RENATE!  Her vocal range parallels Siouxsie Sioux, Gene loves Jezebel along with other female driven iconic artist; RENATE’S vocal command is audacious full of rhythmic uncompromising sonic experimentation. Riding the fine line between post punk, dark wave and electronica all wrapped up in the retro vibe that’s sweeping the music scene.

RENATE is an independent artist that since her first EP Be Your Own Phoenix (2015) containing songs like Just Let Go and Red Tape, has made a journey from electronic power pop to a slightly darker scenery of the electronic genre. On her new single GEMINI she gets cheeky, raw, and unforgiving.

Originating from the north of Norway she now lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, where she collaborates with a variety of producers. On her latest releases she has gotten “down and dirty”, taking tighter control over the process to create just the sound she desires. 2018 looks darker now. In a good way.


GEMINI: iTunes:

Google Play:


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