Soul music…a jazzier sophisticated Taste!



The Throwback Sounds Vibe touches every aspect of musical genre out there!  RnB/Soul singer Lawrence Preston echo’s the classic melodies of Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye and Stanley Clark just to name a few. Infusing the best elements of jazz, funk, pop, hip hop into a unique balance diverse musical experience while maintaining a strong soul element. Lawrence’s vocal harmonies, funky bass lines and fairly simplistic beats maintains the soulful sound throughout his songs. Gearing up for a UK tour mid- June 2018 he will without a doubt capture the attention of intimate club patrons with his elements of hard, lingering bass lines; with a touch of emotion-stirring guitar riffs with authenticity that is necessary in soul music, it’s a jazzier, funk sophisticated taste. 


Some  background info on Lawrence~  A San Francisco native, Lawrence was born into a musical family, his parents having formed a gospel group, The Sensational Travelers, who rehearsed in the local church at which his grandfather was pastor. At the age of only five, Lawrence was part of another family gospel group, Fantastic Four, also featuring his father, a talented guitarist. Becoming known locally as “The Gospel Jackson Five”, he had now truly become committed to music, learning to play trombone, guitar and, his ultimate weapon of choice, bass guitar. Aged 19, his musical skill was spotted by Sly & the Family Stone founder, Freddie Stone who in turn recommended him to “Oh, Happy Day” singer, Dorothy Morrison, leading to a significant period in the 1980s as the bass player in her gospel band. Taking his time to truly learn his craft, Lawrence emerged in the 1990s as an artist with a wealth of experience, recording his first full-length album in 1997. “Something for You” is Lawrence Preston at the peak of his powers, an artist for fans of classic soul and for those wanting to hear real musicianship and passion.  More info can be found on his website 


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Booking information can be directed to Karivn Jonhson of KES Music Group  Interview and all PR enquiries can be sent to In-House Publicist Al Geiner via  

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