ELECTRONICA  ALTERNATIVE MUSIC IS BACK thanks to the synth inspired sounds of MELODYWHORE!   The Dark moody electro vibe that’s inspired by MINISTRY, KRAFTWERK and other alternative pioneers joins the ranks of the revival of the classic 70s’ to 90’s sound.  MELODYWHORE’S musical experience is a electronic stairwell you climb starting at the bottom and building up into grand steps and canyons.

MELODYWHORE’S  project began around 2000 and the then signature songs “brknsoul” featuring Ana Lovelis & “a brief moment” were recorded and released. Since then, MELODYWHORE  has had  success with film scoring,  along with remixing and producing on an international scale. LISTEN to the single releases off the new album XENOPHILIA,  NOW out on #SPOTIFY and BANDCAMP



View on #YOUTUBE  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaVQr0mwQsDHayGPfCyg-K3gM1OYLzQbU

Follow on #TWITTER for all the latest UPDATES & exclusive photos twitter.com/melodywhore

All enquiries and editorial song request can be sent to AL GEINER PR CREATIVE CONCEPTS via amgcpv@gmail.com

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