Climbing the DJ  charts on Billboard  and beyond UNITY the REMIX collection from the vocal talents of BeBe Sweetbriar and the DECK skills of Knife & Fork  DJ Bugie and William Ducati Brown! The song release on HIT SAVE MUSIC embodies what the world needs today… UNITY!  Originally released in 1991, BeBe was drawn to remake UNITY adding her own lyrics on the cover to bring a bit more relevancy to the song.

“UNITY spoke to me in a big way when DJ Bugie played it for me in our search [for] a project to work on. It hit home for me in so many ways with the divisiveness that is happening among people in America in general, and our LGBTQ communities, specifically. Now, more than ever, we need to come together in a big way and unite to heal. Love Is Love, y’all! Working with Knife & Fork  DJ Bugie and William Ducati Brown  and my trusted music producer of all producers Leo Frappier on completing the UNITY track was one of those things where you say, [‘]we were brought together specifically to do this specific song right at this time.‘”I hope everyone enjoys this magic we call UNITY”, shared BeBe.

BeBe enlisted the talents of Knife & Fork and Leo Frappier, and the collaboration is off the chain.

“I love working with the uber talented Leo Frappier, he is amazing with what he brings to the table”, says DJ Bugie. “As for Miss BeBe, her voice is my inspiration. About the other half of Knife & Fork, William Brown, well I think BFF covers it.”

Billboard remixer and producer Leo Frappier has worked with Ms. Sweetbriar on two successful dance music tracks in 2016 ( Dontcha and I Wantchu Back), and has collaborated with Knife & Fork on a Dontcha remix last year. “Working with Knife & Fork…..I love these guys!  Though experienced DJ’s and VJ’s, they are a little newer to studio music production.  They are amazed by the technology and what wizardry we can cook up in the studio.  Bugie and William both come to the table with good ideas, and a clear concept of how they want to collaborate with me. They keep it all new and fresh!  And HOT!”]

UNITY with its inspiring message will feed the soul every Time, once again, to take your problems to the dance floor for resolve.

Find out more about the #beesKnees herself Miss BeBe Sweetbriar via here website http://www.bebesweetbriar.com/ CATCH her on all Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Hear UNITY by clicking the link

You can also hear it on all Streaming Services and of course the DANCE FLOOR!!!
DJ’s can get the song via StarFleet Music Record Pool www.starfleetmusic.com
Further enquiries and interview request please contact AL GEINER PR  CREATIVE CONCEPTS  amgcpv@gmail.com

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