You’re such a __________for the music!



Bringing ELECTRONICA MUSIC to the forefront again with sounds that reminisce of Depeche Mode and Ministry it’s the synth sounds of MELODYWHORE! It’s a  Dark-moody electronic stairwell you climb starting at the bottom and building up into grand steps and canyons. The classic sounds of the 80’s and early 90’s with a TWIST! The music is never being boring, it’s Eclectic is Electric.

MELODYWHORE’S  project began around 2000 and the then signature songs “brknsoul” featuring Ana Lovelis & “a brief moment” were recorded and released. Since then, MELODYWHORE  has had  success with film scoring,  along with remixing and producing on an international scale.  This year MELODYWHORE is working on a full album with a tonne of surprises in store. STAY TUNED for details on the album, IN THE meantime a few singles will be released as a buildup to the album release.

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