Just BE Proud!



From stand up.. to presenter on a radio show… acting and giving inspirational talks Julian Michael  touches on growing up a “double” minority..  being gay and black.

On the Road to FABULOUSNESS… Julian was a minister and guidance counselor until he realised he doesn’t believe in anything and hates kids (or at least that how he acts on stage). Now he’s a stand-up comedian, writer, and radio host with a passion for bringing people together by making fun of everyone. A very non-stereotypical double minority, Julian’s act tackles his own identity issues as a gay, black man and shines the light on how all of us are more alike than we think. He wears the badge of “Token” with extreme pride and uses the stage to make everyone more comfortable — or uncomfortable if they so choose — with the beauty of diversity.

Through comedy and motivational speaking, Julian seeks to broaden perspectives and make his audience think critically while laughing uncontrollably. His comedy persona has been described as an incredibly likeable jerk, but those that see beyond the façade realise that by laughing at everyone, we celebrate each other’s humanity. In addition to featuring and headlining clubs throughout the country, Julian gives talks to students and corporations about the importance of embracing one’s passions and finding one’s true voice. His background as a minister, educator, and performer who came from an incredibly humble background gives him truly unique perspective that he is eager to share with the world.

Catch Julian with his comedy throughout LA and his hometown of Chicago,  Listen to him on his radio programmer LIVE or take a walk down memory lane and listen again.  https://soundcloud.com/mayhemandtoken

Get some GREAT GAY ADIVICE… Dear Abbey who?  #DearToken https://www.doubleminorityreport.com/deartoken

Follow him on INSTAGRAM for exclusive behind the scenes looks and photos. https://www.instagram.com/takenbytoken/

On on Twitter for all the know..https://twitter.com/SpokenByToken



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