Oh it’s happening Sweetheart!


It’s ON THE WAY……..

Multi talented female impersonator and POP STAR  BeBe Sweetbriar is set to launch new songs this SUMMER!  Just in time for all your summer time beach and pool party fun,  the beats you need for PRIDE 17 SEASON  BeBe has the DANCE MUSIC for you!   She once again teams up with DJ Leo Frappier for hits that will cause some HEAT!

Her current hit  I WANTCHU BACK   is STILL burning up the dance floors and topping the CHARTS around the GLOBE.  DJS  go to  www,starfleetmusic.com for the tune… everyone else listen to it via SPOTIFY  https://open.spotify.com/track/6cghobNN19Jrz0pkXkRPrH?context=spotify%3Aartist%3A7oOfB4znEUv2rq1HXe2uAm

See what’s on with THE MOST NOTABLE DRAG QUEEN  check out her website and follow her on #TWITTER and #INSTAGRAM

www.bebesweetbriar.com   /https://www.instagram.com/bebesweetbriar/


You will get EXCLUSIVE updates, photos and behinds the scenes look at this amazing entertainer!






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