What makes U VAPID FIRE baby?


Most NOTABLE DRAG Queen  BeBe Sweetbriar  takes a crack at VAPID FIRE.

Amongst the many things BeBe has on from hosting a variety of shows in the BAY AREA  in California, making appearances around the GLOBE,  hosting her very own chat show IT’S EVERYTHING WITH BEBE SWEETBRIAR, to being a TOP DANCE RECORDING ARTIST. She is busy in studio now and will have new music out this summer just in time for PRIDE!   You can find the links to her Podcast, her diary and everything BeBe has on  via her website  www.BeBeSweetbriar.com


Vapid Fire Q&A with BeBe Sweetbriar

1. What turns you on, creatively or otherwise?

My creative turn on is being in the recording studio with some of my favorite producers making magic on a record project. It takes me to another plain. The other turn ons, well, if I told you, I’d have to kill you!

2. Which celebrity’s hair do you covet most?

My favorite celebrity hair is Beyoncé’s golden locks. Can’t get enough of the Queen Bey’s hair.

3. What would your death-row last meal be?

Oh chile, they’d have to fill me up with a big bowl of gumbo, hotwater cornbread, some collard greens, yams, cheese grits, blackeyed peas, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a DIET COKE.

4. What’s your juiciest vice or guiltiest pleasure?

I love vampire stories in books, on television or in movies. I am drawn to them. Is that strange?

5. What extravagant purchase should probably make you feel guiltier?

I don’t consider anything I buy for myself extravagant. I work hard and deserve everything I treat myself to. No Guilt!

6. When’s the last time you wanted to slap someone?

While answering these questions…..Lol!

7. What most likely made that stain on your outfit?

Hot salsa from the juicy burrito I had last night, or was that a juicy Latin man with a hot “burrito”…..I forget which.

8. Describe your favourite undergarment.

Lace, skimpy, sheer

9. What’s a lie you’ve told more than once?

Half of “I’m a black woman” is true, but I’m not telling which half.


10: Where do you see yourself in five minutes?

I gotta pee!

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