This is VAPID FIRE with comedian Julian Michael

Versatile is a word that has been used to describe this OPENLY GAY actor, male model, comedian and RADIO CHAT host  more than once!  Julian Michael  A self-described “token minority,” Julian was on his way to being a Baptist minister before he discovered how funny and gay he is.  Now he brings unfiltered laughter to audiences of all backgrounds, even though he fits in with none of them.

Check out his ever growing popular RADIO CHAT!

See what’s on from appearances, projects etc  via his OFFICIAL WEBSITE



  1. What turns you on, creatively or otherwise?

Nothing is sexier than landing a joke right when someone is eating or drinking.  I love making people snort.

  1. Which celebrity’s hair do you covet most?

Honestly, celebrities should covet my hair.

  1. What would your death-row last meal be?

I’d have chef Jose Acevedo (if you’re near LA, you have to go to Mercado!) prepare whatever he was feeling that day and I’d ask the warden to slip some poison in it so I could die a happy man.

  1. What’s your juiciest vice or guiltiest pleasure?

I LOVE the WWE.  Like, love…. I’d probably quit my own show to work for them. I don’t know if that’s a guilty pleasure or just crazy.

  1. What extravagant purchase should probably make you feel guiltier?

Pet insurance.

  1. When’s the last time you wanted to slap someone?

Well, today… but that was some 50 SHADES OF GREY stuff.  In a fight, though, I’d be more likely to yank hair than slap someone.

  1. What most likely made that stain on your outfit?

Let’s just say it’s tartar sauce.

  1. Describe your favourite undergarment.

I kind of have an underwear fetish.  Straight men have NO idea what they’re missing by not having a collection of Andrew Christian undies in their rotation.  That said, my current favourite undergarment is Justin Bieber’s Calvin Kleins.

  1. What’s a lie you’ve told more than once?

I love you.

10: Where do you see yourself in five minutes?

Wherever it is, I’m sure I’m late :/


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