VAPID FIRE!!!! Featuring LeeAnn Tooker

LeeAnn Tooker is one of the FUNNIEST  comics out there!  From her numerous appearances in some of the TOP COMEDY CLUBS around she recently took on FAKE NEWS segments on INSTAGRAM    IT’S A BLAST BLAST BLAST!!!

#FUNNYCHICK  #COMEDY  #GirlsJustWannaHaveFun

Check out her DIARY for WHAT’S ON

Now here are the CHEEKY FUN  QUESTIONS with LeeAnn’s answers….


1. What turns you on, creatively or otherwise?
Quick wit (and compliments don’t hurt)

2. Which celebrity’s hair do you covet most?
My hair is one of the few things still working for me. Lol.  But, I’d have to say that I covet Natalie Portman’s head.  It’s the perfect egg shape!  With a head like that, I would totally shave my hair off!

3. What would your death-row last meal be?
Having had to go gluten-free for medical reasons, I would probably have a double decker burger with additional buns…. a mountain of buns.

4. What’s your juiciest vice or guiltiest pleasure?
Guilty pleasure would be reality television. Sometimes I have it on in the background so it sounds like people are over at my place and sometimes I watch Hoarders so I can feel like I really have my life together (which obviously I do not).

5. What extravagant purchase should probably make you feel guiltier?
I am addicted to a particular green-smoothie (I know – I’m SO L.A.).  It costs a ridiculous $13 but there I am, handing over my credit card.

6. When’s the last time you wanted to slap someone?
Daily.  Multiple times daily.  It doesn’t take much.

7. What most likely made that stain on your outfit?
Food or tears.  Sometimes both at same time.

8. Describe your favorite undergarment.
Anything with elastic waistband.  lol

9. What’s a lie you’ve told more than once?
Thanks, I’ll think about that! (to a non-comic audience member who thinks I should make a joke about this or that from their life. This includes my father.)

10. Where do you see yourself in five minutes?
Attempting to squeeze 3 hours of errands into a 1 hour lunch run. #gogetter


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