Numerous comedic talent erupts from Comic Dante Rusciolelli and his band of HUMOUROLOGIST at GOLDEN ARTIST ENTERTAINMENT. The  #FUNNYCHICKS Rebekah Kochan, LeeAnn Tooker, Sally Mullins,to #CrackinChaps Kevin Gootee, Julian Michael, and of course Ron Jeremy.

Each has something hilarious going on solo, sometimes they all team up for a cracking colab that brings down the house.

Here’s what’s ON with Dante & Rebekah ~

for their full DIARY of events

LeeAnn  and Sally team up rather often…..

These funny ladies always have something on from LEEANN’S LATEST  FAKE NEWS segments on INSTAGRAM   To SALLY’S  “HELLO COUGAR” which is a bit of raunchy cheeky fun which RETURNS with NEW episodes 29 April

Find their DIARY’S for WHAT’S ON .

Kevin Gootee  has a bit of fun with his

14566275_10211563013897818_5053661605833504500_o  for where he will be.

Julian Michael  will have you in stitches… his stand up along with PODCAST  add in his ADVICE column  shall keep you on the edge of your seat anxiously awaiting the next LAUGH.

For those burning questions just ask…. DEAR TOKEN


And what can be said of RON JEREMY  that hasn’t all ready been said.  he is really  FUNNY and has a tonne to say /

More information including bios,  press photos, diary’s (where they will be) video links, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM IDS can all be found on each individual link



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